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San Karla Intervie Question

San Karla Intervie Question

Q. Tell us about you and your fashion journey?

Q. Where do you find inspiration?

Q. Let us know your greatest achievement so far?

Q. Apart from being a content creator, what do you think about the role of fashion influencers in society today?

Q. We would like to know about some of your interesting projects, recently you have worked?

Q. I saw you as an exclusive fashion influencer, as you suggest your audience to style with. We like to know your reaction on How do you find the fashion industry to work?

Q. Is it financially sustainable to be a fashion creator. What is your revenue model?

Q. San Karla is not just a name now on the internet. What have you planned for your brand's future?

Q. Let us know, What's your friend's and parents' reaction to you?

Q. While researching about you I found a user appreciating your dance performance of the IIT Delhi do you remember it,  (name: Amritarupa Laha).

Q. What are the activities you do beside content creation?

Q. Any message you would like to give to aspiring fashion creators.

Something new found and explored is written here, I hope you'll love their story

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