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Top 10 Fashion Bloggers in Kolkata

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers in Kolkata: Bengali Fashion Blogger. Bgs Raw presents top list of influencers in Kolkata. Get featured by filling in top list.
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If you are looking for the top fashion bloggers in Kolkata then you are in the right place, also you'll get to know about fashion and lifestyle. Kolkata, which is considered to be a fashion hub in its own right, and its culture, sweet dishes, language, etc, are famous all over India. If you also have a dream to become a fashion blogger in Kolkata, then do take a look at this stunning fashion blogger from the exclusive list presented by Bgs Raw Online Magazine. Kolkata, which can also become your inspiration to become a successful blogger. Through this article, we will reveal to you the names of the top fashion bloggers of Kolkata.

If you are a brand and finding How to connect with influencers on Instagram from Kolkata? then they are maybe in this list check them.

What are the Amazing things about Fashion Bloggers from Kolkata?

If you talk about the best stylish clothes, fashion lifestyle, and best traditional dress code, then surely the bloggers of Kolkata are the most influence of the things. Kolkata's fashion bloggers not only follows fashion but people also you'll love their different lifestyles, which we often see on their Instagram and youtube channel. Bgs Raw has made a list of the top 10 fashion bloggers in Kolkata, or say Bengali fashion bloggers of Kolkata for you, in which we have named the best fashion bloggers of Kolkata. And besides being fashion bloggers, they are also the best Instagram influencers of Kolkata. You will get to see all the seasonal and traditional dresses related to fashion, which you will definitely wear once during the festive or occasionally at a function. Most of Kolkata's fashion bloggers are Bengali, so that's why we have made an updated list of Fashion Bloggers From Kolkata today, which you can follow. However, you can also call them the top bloggers in Kolkata, who made a name for themselves means independently on social media in a short time. And today it has become a source of their earning.

Here is the list of Top 10 Fashion Bloggers in Kolkata:

1. Nivrity Das


2. Sandeep Karmakar 


3. Sudeshna 


 4. Antara Naina Roy Majumder 


 5. Shilpi Saha


 6. Rudrita Chatterjee


7. Ananya Mitra


8. Sayani Roy


9. Priyanka Bain


10. Dibyasha Das

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How to become a top fashion Instagram influencer?

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