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Nobody Inspired to be a Blogger, Just Gave a Try, Kunal Jain

Nobody Inspired Me To be a Blogger Just Gave a Try - Tells Kunal Jain. Hey, folks here we are introducing a new guest who is a fashion influencer and has an active online store with amazon, he is none other than Kunal Jain.

Nobody Inspired to be a Blogger, Just Gave a Try - Say's Kunal Jain

In this series of Bgs Raw Interview, we have successfully covered and discovered so many influencers and bloggers including YouTubers and other digital creators, for which you can appreciate us too, and thank you for the grateful support you have been showing to us since last two years.

Let read the conversation Kunal have with Bgs Raw

Kunal Jain in Bgs Raw Digital Magazine Cover

Let us start by getting a short intro of yourself.

I am Kunal Jain from Pali, Rajasthan. I have completed my MBA in the past year and Right now I’m in the Food Manufacturing and Clothing business. I have an Online Store by the name "Fashion Freak" and I do fashion blogging on Instagram. And I’m just 23 years old.

Who inspired you to be a blogger?

Actually, no one inspired me to be a blogger. I never thought about this. I started this just for fun, but when people started asking me and appreciated me for this, I thought let's give it a try and also saw that people are getting work and earning good, then why not, and I started hitting brands and got positive responses, from last one and a half year I am creating content on my own like One My Army. I will not call myself an Influencer I will call myself as a Content Creator. My first collaboration was on 14th August 2019.

What was your friend's and family's reaction towards you?

My family is my support system. Their reaction towards me is very positive they also think, I’m giving my 100% in this and can get more success in this field. My friend's specially my close friend Prince, he has motivated me a lot to grow in this field and he is there for me from day 1 since I started my blogging journey.

What are your goals and future plan?

I want to become a professional model and right now my goal is to be a Myntra Fashion Influencer for that I keep myself fit, I’m working on my posing game, my styling, and on my body. And also will continue my Business.

You are being in the clothing business, so let us know more about the clothing business and how does marketing is done?

Clothing work is our family business, wherein a big set of clothes are printed. For making saafas. Mouth marketing or direct marketing pretty much works.

When did you get your online store, and how is it beneficial to you and your audience?

In 2016, I started my online store at my own. 

I learned a lot of things in these 4years.

I got a good bottle experience in these years. I have earned well by just doing side business. Now I get my expenses paid myself. 

And I review my products myself, if something is good only then I sell or else I tell the client about the product so it's beneficial for me and my audience too.

Do online stores help as a sustainable business to an Influencer, what's your views?

Huge online stores surely do but the other platforms for influencers don't actually help them to sustain at their personal level because those are limited to their own working capacity but surely the huge platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc does give a lifestyle and prosperous sustainability to the Influencers.

While being a personal Influencer I have style and fashion of my own. but we face a serious problem at the personal level, like trust issues, transportation, packing, returning policy, product guaranty, etc.

What's all you do apart from blogging?

I keep my self busy by exploring new things. managing my family business Food manufacturing Business, Clothing Business, and online store. And I love to spend my time with my friends. It's really difficult to manage all the things at the same time but dedications towards work made me do all things and whenever I got time I do my pending blogging work.

What you think about Bgs Raw - The New Magazine?

Bgs Raw they are doing really great work. This platform is best to get more fame and publicity.

What message would you like to convey to the readers?

Never give up in life. Everything happens for a purpose in your life. And Use your time wisely, If you don't respect time, you will never be respected by the time.

The interview was really great. I totally enjoyed it. So, guys you can connect with me on Instagram/kunaljain___ 

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