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10 Positions for the advanced lover

10 Positions for the advanced lovers and couples. For best climax on bed or in-room romance. Best se*x positions, you only know doggy pose, see more.
10 Positions for the advanced lover

10 advance positions for the lover

Hey! Do you know? We Indians are also being excessively vocal about s*x! Yes, this may sound dirty, but young India (at least from the metros) were considered this topic a taboo to discuss in the open. But do you know many of the couples do not even know about the best and advanced positions for s*x and romance, and the internet search begins for best positions for couples, s*x positions to last long, and bla bla...

We've considered it Ironic but to let you know, truly this is the land of Kamasutra and yet s*x is discussed in hush hush… But in this post, you will see 10 Positions for an advanced lover, Indians discussing their favorite s*x position. 


1. The V for Vixen

The V for Vixen position for couples

2. The Leg Glider

best positions for lover The Leg Glider

3. The Ben Dover

The Ben Dover positions for advance lover couples

4. The Sybian

Sybian a simple sex position to enjoy with patner

5. The Bucking Bronco

The Bucking Bronco popular position on bed

6. The Black Bee

The Black Bee: A ppular sex positions for couples and lovers

7. The Butterfly

The Butterfly: A sex positions is for table and desh

8. The Crab

The Crab: Most wanted sex position for bed

9. The Head Over Heels

The Head Over Heels: A position for hard core

10. The Sideways Straddle

The Sideways Straddle: Romantic ways


This is only a view of the author and it may not apply for you and your partner's position for any consideraton at your personal lifestyle. You can have any other choice or positions for your wellness. Just Enjoy the Fun! Do tell us in the comment, if you love any of the above positions or we need to bring any more such contents.

I love to write all about Lifestyle.

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