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10 Things Still You've Never Knew About Condoms in Teenage

10 Things Still You've Never Knew About Condoms in Teen Age, Buy Durex Invisible Condoms, exprience honeymoon condoms and reviews.
10 Things Still You've Never Knew About Condoms in Teen Age

1. Only 5 percent of men around the world use condoms. Keep in mind, this is a cross-section of various different countries that may or may not have easy access to contraception. But still, 5 percent is low. Very low. Especially considering the purpose is 100 percent.

2. There are four types of condoms. Now things like fabrics and turtle shells (yes, really) are outdated, there are not many choices of condoms, but that might be a good thing. Most condoms are made of latex, but there is no latex for anyone with allergies, and it is usually made of polyurethane. Some are even made of polyisoprene if you are lucky enough to be allergic to latex and polyurethane. Then there is a lamb condom, which is actually made of sheep intestine, not skin. Finally, you can always take a female condom, which functions dramatically differently but is still designed to protect against pregnancy.

3. You basically have a tire to thank you for modern condoms. Charles Goodyear Rubber Vulcanization process leads to the first rubber condom produced in 1855, which is why latex condoms today are sometimes called "rubber" by people like your grandfather and barker carnival.

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4. Condoms basically have not been redesigned since they were found. Trojan has latex condoms in the 1920s, and apart from all the progress made with lumps and hill backs, the large condom remained unchanged since then.

5. Condoms (on average) don't really affect how good sex is. The survey showed that the couple was as satisfied with sex whether they used condoms. So considering condoms is 98 percent effective to prevent pregnancy and make sex ten thousand times safer, "it tastes bad" not a reason not to use it.

6. Your parents tend to use condoms than you. Sorry for the picture, but the pair of more than 40 is the most impossible to use condoms for various reasons. On average, 25 percent of couples use condoms, while 33 percent of people use it.

7. Women contribute almost half of condom sales. Even though they left, you know ... Penis, women accounted for at least 40 percent of condom sales. Good, because you have to always have it.

8. Only one-third of high school students taught how to use condoms. This is very bad, and not only because it will save them from fumbling awkwardly when first rolling around. Teenagers shown the use of the right condoms are more likely to use condoms in the future.

9. The biggest condom is not a magnum. Like the famous, magnum can accommodate the penis size and stretch to fit the larger ones. They actually offer the biggest condom on the market: G31. It can match, because they put it, the penis "not far from the circumference can." So it's something.

10. Bill Gates really wants to make a better condom. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation actually offers a $ 100,000 grant to people who try to make a better condom. Some of the potential "future condoms" include condoms that are really printed to the penis (making for one size-match-all solution) and one with a handle (?).

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