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10 Fall Style Essentials - The Biggest Men's Fashion Trends

10 Fall Style Essentials - The Biggest Men's Fashion Trends by Alex Costa a fashion influencer and creator on youtube share the exclusive fashion tips
10 Fall Style Essentials - The Biggest Men's Fashion Trends by Alex. 
Believe it or not, we are going into the end of twenty twenty. You know, it's crazy summer went by, but the good thing is fall is the best season for fashion.

You can make any argument you want, but in the end, everyone knows that fall is just so much better when it comes to style. You can lay your clothes again, you can start wearing jackets, beanies, scarves, gloves, so many options. It's crazy. So this post is all about the ten biggest fashion trends for this fall.

The first trend this fall will definitely be Vintage Shirts

1. Vintage tees

They are already taking over graffiti with different designs and brands. Those are very trendy right now and they will continue to trend this fall.

But during the fall, instead of wearing just the Tees, you're also now going to throw in something over them, like a leather jacket, a bomber jacket, something to keep you warm, but leaving the jacket open kind of like this so people can still see the design of your Vintage T-shirt

2. Wider pants

Talking about slowly moving away from skinny jeans and pants. It's not my favorite look, to be honest. I prefer tighter, more Tailored Fit Jeans, as you guys know because it's just more aesthetically pleasing. But the wider pants, the straight jeans, those are very fashionable. They do look cool. And if that's where the trend is going, then we'll definitely have to keep an eye on this, you know, moving forward so that we can make sure that we stay on-trend, baggier clothing, looser clothing.

If you open any apps like Pinterest, Instagram, etc., you're going to see a bunch of fashionable guys wearing this type of clothing looser. It's a baggier. Instead of wearing the tighter fit this fall, you also definitely going to see a big change from fresh blue fragrances and scents to woody heavier muscular scents. So obviously, as the weather gets colder, you're going to stop wearing the light blue scents and you should start wearing heavier. Since I'm talking about Tom Ford, noires extreme.

3. Face masks
Of course, we are going to see a lot of cool face masks with awesome different designs and colors. I remember when this all started and I was wearing this black mask with like a bunch of filters and it was all weird. And now my most recent one is this one here. This is the mask that they are wearing at the Formula One races. And I bought it just because of that. That's right. They just made they made me buy this very expensive mask just because I saw some of my favorite drivers wearing them.

And don't even ask me how much I paid for that mask. Guys, the annoying reality is, if you live in the US especially, masks are not going anywhere.

It is pretty much mandated in a bunch of places that you go to. So if you have an amazing outfit on, very stylish guy, but you don't wear a cool mask, you wear this weird-looking mask, your outfit is not going to look as good.

Oh no, you don't have to be like me and spend way too much money on this, but get something that. You're happy with something that looks good with your outfit? I would definitely recommend black for a shirt to start with and then if you already have a black mask, then get different colors to match your outfit.

4. Speaking of colors

Speaking of colors, what is the main trendy color this coming fall and winter, you ask? Well, it is red.

That's right. According to Vogue, GQ and so many other fashion platforms, they are seeing that red will be the color for this fall and winter. You guys know me. You know that I'm not a colorful type of style guy. I just like my grays in my blacks, in my whites.

But you know what? I might give it a go am I give Red a try if it's really going to be the trendy color of the fall and winter. And if you don't have anything that's red, that's totally fine. Maybe start with sneakers and then go into small little details in your t-shirt and then you can move on to bigger things like a red jacket or pants. That would be a little crazy. I don't know if you're ever going to see me wearing red pants, but you know what?

Never say never, especially when it comes to the next trend this fall.

5. Long Hairstyles

You're looking right at it right here longer. As you guys know, I've been growing my hair out for a while. This is the longest my hair it's been has been in a really, really long time. And see, the back here is getting really long. I haven't touched it, having cut it in months now. And that is what a lot of people were doing. Celebrities, everyone else, you're home, you're in quarantine. There are no events, there's no red carpet, anything like you doesn't really have to look good for a lot of those things.

You don't have to go to school. A lot of you, you're doing virtual school, so why not?

This is the best time to let your hair grow. If you haven't done it yet, this is the best time to do it. And this is exactly why I'm doing it. I don't have any events. I don't have anything that's coming up. So you know what? This is it. And it's looking all right. You know, pretty soon I'll be able to put it in a bun. I'll let you guys know when that happens. But I'm telling you, longer hair is going to be everywhere this fall in.

Protip if you're going to grow your hair out, at least get to the awkward stage during the fall and winter months because you can put a beanie on, you can hide it.

So that's where I'm going to be next on the list, something that's been growing on me. And I think a lot of people are going to be wearing this fall, cross body bags. It's just easy access.

You know, with all the layering clothing during the fall and winter, there's a lot of pockets and everything else. You don't know where to put your things. You might lose them all. Get a nice crossbody bag. It's so easy. I wore one on my last trip to Mexico and it was the first time that I ever wore a crossbody bag on a trip. And it was the best thing in the world, but my passport, my wallet, everything in here.

And it was just easy, super easy to just get things done. So you know what? Next trip for sure, you're going to see me wearing a 

6. Crossbody Bag

Not only that, but street style is getting bigger and bigger. Continues to be this huge trend. If you're into street style, across body bag is one of the coolest things that you can wear. 

7. Grey joggers

And man, this is such an interesting one because it became a trend like that. Basically what happened was TikTok. Plus quarantine equals gray. Joggers, everyone joggers are just slightly tapered and more tailored sweatpants.

Right. If you're at home, if you're not going out, you're going to be wearing them because they're really, really comfortable. And it's just kind of became this weird uniform for TikTok, all the girls and all the guys wear gray sweatpants on TikTok (Its ban in India but you can use the other platforms). It is weird, but it just happens. So you're going to be seeing a lot of that this fall and turtlenecks, which is awesome.

9. Turtlenecks

I absolutely love turtlenecks. They're comfortable. They look really cool. They look really elegant.

Every time I throw on Turtlenecks, I just feel like I have to wear my glasses. Like I feel like I look like a gentleman, you know like I think of like James Bond kind of vibe. So I really enjoy wearing turtlenecks and I cannot wait to see more and more of that this fall and winter. 

10. Watches

And of course, my favorite accessory of all time watches, but not just any watches, smaller watches for the past few years, probably to two or three years, smaller watches have been gaining more and more traction.

It used to be that big bulky Watches were the thing. Nowadays you're getting a little bit smaller. And the reason why that's happening is, again, because of the vintage trend, we are moving towards everything vintage and back in the day, smaller watches, way more popular. But the reason why I like smaller watches is they're easier to wear. They're not very clunky. They don't look huge. And you look like you're about to turn into a Power Ranger when you wear those big clunky watches.

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