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Do You Know The Stall Where PM Modi Used To Sell Tea

Do You Know The Stall Where PM Modi Used To Sell Tea. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Childhood Story as a chaiwala.
Narendra Modi: Do You Know The Stall Where PM Modi Used To Sell Tea. How he became Chaiwala

Bgs Raw: It is believed that what you do in your past as if mostly in childhood, all the tales are recorded as a history of your life. And similarly, a tea seller had gone through and now he is the most respected person and also a politician in our country that is Respected, Narendra Modi PMO India.

The story all about him is a motivation of any individual if he loses any presentient for one-self. If you feel that you are demotivating yourself than just searching for any motivation, just search for Narendra Modi's childhood and read it through. I hope there you will not be bored with his story. Every movement he spent in his life was a struggle, patience, fight, rush, here & there, but didn't give up.

Narendar modi tea stall at Gujarat Railway Station

So, let come to our main topic, Do You Know The Stall Where PM Modi Used To Sell Tea? If not then you will get to know now. The stories of as a kid, he would sell tea on the railway platform in Gujarat to fulfill basic day-to-day requirements. From being called a chaiwala to becoming one of the most powerful men in the world and India, Modi Ji's journey has been both difficult and inspiration as I mentioned above.

As per the source, we came to know that the tea stall where Modi used to sell tea in his childhood in Gujarat's Vadnagar will be developed as a tourist spot. This decision was taken by the State Tourism Minister Prahlad Singh Patel, who visited Vadnagar in search of places that can be converted into tourism hotspots in the state.

It was also mentioned that the tea stall on the railway platform in Vadnagar is currently in bad state. However, the minister wants to keep it the same way and it will be protected by the covered glass from outside. So the plan is not to refurbish the tae stall but to keep the original and prevent its authenticity.

Prime Minister's childhood was a day when he nothing but a common tea seller.

He once said that he could understand the plight of the common people because of his childhood days that he spent in the scarcity of money and being poor. Considering the conditions today, when he has risen to such powerful status in his political career, the topic adds to emotional value.
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