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Why Bhuvan Bam Hate The Word Influencer - Bgs Raw

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A very popular youtuber BB Ki Vines author Bhuvan Bam is on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine

After getting lots of requests to publish about Bhuvan Bam popularly know BB Ki Vines. From last week we were researching about him to know him in detail. As we've watched many videos on his youtube channel. But it's also making crazy to know more about any such creators. So, 'The Bgs Raw Social Magazine' had collected information about BB Ki Vines from the Internet.

Bhuban Bam on Bgs Raw Magazine

Bhuban Bam is India's first Youtube Creator to cross 10 Million subscribers on his channel. On his talk with Forbes India, he had endorsed a lot of information. When it was asked about how YouTubers are endorsing brands on the digital platform? "He told that there is no such word influencer because he doesn't think that anyone can influence anyone. He also told that he doesn't like this word. He considers this word to be as a content creator and entertainer.

He also told that the digital revolution has changed things for the better. People are more aware of anything, it may be false or true information on social platforms. They also know what is happening in the surrounding.

He also comments on one of the trending endorsement today about influencing any products; he said that the product might work for him, but still, it may not suit to else's. So it's all about staying true to your ethics. If he doesn't consume a certain product and if he asks his followers to consume, the things that are not right.

He used to get backlash ( प्रतिक्रिया ) every day, with very funny comment reactions, such as to stop making content and start promoting any brands, etc. But BB's audience thinks that an artist should digest contents regularly which is not possible for any content creator.

At last, he also mentioned about his upcoming projects, that he is coming up with a very new concept and long-form version of BB Ki Vines and a Youtube Orginal. It means that he is going to make a web series.

Author: Bhuban Bam is the very talented and popular face of Youtube India. With his hard work, he had many fan's, followers on his social handles. Wish him luck from Bgs Raw Team for his upcoming project which may successfully entertain us a lot.

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