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The War Against Drugs - A Motivational Talk

The War Against Drugs - A Motivational Talk. Author: Rajneesh Yadav a team member of Bgs Raw. Is drugs illegal or egal in India.
Author: Rajneesh Yadav on Bgs Raw The War Against Drugs - A Motivational Talk

Rajneesh Yadav: Today we are in such a stage of living where we talk about drugs, which was illegal for our country. Due to this addiction, most of the people were suffered, they lost there lives. And suddenly a movement was started to stop. And many of them were arrested for illegal addiction. This is a motivation to leave this addiction and live a better life with all. And so I'm writing this article on "The War Against Drugs - A Motivational Talk".


Drugs basically use in the form of medicine to cure various types of diseases in various forms but we say know that overdose of any medicine is not good for health.

From the earlier time drugs is used for the purpose of medicine and as well as spiritual purposes this thing make them legal but besides that, there are many drugs which are illegal.

Are drugs legal or not?
Is not like that the drugs are legal or not the main thing is that way is how you use it. There are many things in which drugs are inessential like manufacturing of medicine and some other needs but besides that people use this in wrong way and drugs lead to a huge problem not only in India but it is the huge problem of the world.

How the problem is rising?
The problem is growing very vastly and most of the people who get trapped in this are mostly

small school-age children and the youths of the country. In many of time's, it is seen that the people who get addicted to drugs are either they are poor and illiterate and they don’t know what substance they are taking in their body or else sometimes this also happens that the people think it’s a rich cultural and what they are doing is a trend . So, guys, I am goanna a tell you that harming yourself and making your life worst is never a trend and it will never be.

A  survey was carried out in Panjab state and it was found that most of the people who use drugs are mostly from Panjab and almost 75 percent of youth in India are addicted to it. Another national survey was conducted by  United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime (UNODC) and ministry of social justice  and  Empowerment  in the year 2000-2001 and the report came out in 2004 in which it was found that almost around 720 lack of people take drugs in which  80 lack people use Cannabis, 25 lack use opiates and 600 lack are alcohol user .

What should we do if we are drugs user?
So if you take drugs or any such kind of thing on daily basis or you take it sometimes no matter the thing is that you have to make yourself understand that what you are doing is totally wrong and you should stop it now otherwise you can be in a danger. As you can be understood that you have to stop it now you can and how you will do this. You can do this by going into some rehabilitation centers where they will teach you how you can leave it in some easy manner or else you can talk to some of your close ones which may help you to come out of this. But the thing is that you have to try for it unless and until you do try it can’t. Basically, it is seen in many cases that the person who is suffering from any problem get addicted to such kind of thing so start sharing your problem with others and try to find solutions of it don’t take this as a reason to take such kind things and make your problem bigger.

What the Indian government is doing to control it?
In these past few years, the Indian government had realized that the problem is a serious issue and this has to be controlled. So in order to solve this problem, the government had launched many programs and campaign that help the people to leave drugs and come out of it. Nowadays you can see a short advertisement which comes before every movie starts which inform us that using Tabaco is dangerous for our health.  So by advertising also government are trying to make people aware of it. Recently in Bihar government took the action against alcohol and banned the marketing of alcohol in their state. The Indian government has also launched a toll-free helpline number 1800-11-0031 so that the victims can get proper help from the side of government.

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