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Reet Pathania Model Actress In The Bgs Raw Social Magazine - Exclusively

Interview with Reet Pathania Exclusively. She told ablot her modeling carrer. Random Question with Reet Pathania. She told abot her journey, boyfriend, age, biography. Rapid Fire With Reet Pathania. What she love in Man

BGS RAW: We own a new initiative to share the story about to motivate the crowd with no way or hope for oneself. Introducing a model, actress, Reet Pathania in the frame of The Bgs Raw Social Magazine.

Hey folks! In this magazine, you'll get to know Reet Pathania. She is a model, fashion influencer, entertainer. She has done many print shoots for the most known designer industry. In the conversation, she told that she belongs from an army family since her father is in the Army.

She has also judged a fashion show called 'Glam Mr & Mrs. India Youth Icon'.

So Bgs Raw talked with her and red the conversation.

Interview with Reet Pathania Exclusively

Q. How did you create yourself to be a model
Since the very beginning I want to be independent and involve myself in something which enhanced my personality and open doors for new opportunity,where I get to get to experience things which are out of box and not monotonous, repetitive and boring that's how I landed to showbiz to fulfill my hunger, I completed my MBA and got placed in Delhi based MNC company, where my boss was a page 3 personality so I used to see a lot of industry people at my work place only and I got spoted my one leading photographer who was searching for fresh face for his campaign,he saw me and asked would u love to participate to his commercial, and I said yes to him for two reasons because I was getting 4 days to leave without any salary deduction and getting the opportunity to feed my cravings to do out of the box and innovative work, after that I started getting good projects and appreciatd and loved my everyone then I left I job although it was a risky decision I was sure that I don't mean to be not 9 to 5 job for sure... 

Q. Do your parents support you in this journey?
Being from Army bag round, I m always blessed and surrounded with positive, reliable, warm, friendly, open mind people so never encountered with bad experience in life but when I decided to enter into show biz, my parents were really worried for me,they don't know much about the industry,but they aware of outside world which I was unaware of that time and being variable, passionate,risk-taker, sweet, soft,go-getter attitude sometime goes against for you....but as time passes when dey see me growing and handling things by my own, they become relax about it and now they started liking and commenting on my post on social media.. 

Q. From how many years are you involved in this field.
Year-Yes I know I started late, reason because I never to be planned to be part of the industry, it's just like another job opportunity for me...

Q. Did you struggle to reach this platform today.
The struggle is endless, even though, you become superstar it is there, the only phase of struggle change.


Random Question with Reet Pathania

Q. What's your most embarrassing memory of childhood?
When I born, I was fair to pretty girl, it's was winter days so mom use to take sunbath lot and keep me with her always because of that my skin tone changed  and nobody in my house is dark so everybody start calling me kaalu and till date they tease me with the same name so it's been very embarrassing for you me till now... 

Q. What was the most memorable moment of your (modeling) journey?
I think I haven't done anything really big, which give me satisfaction and proud feel but I m working on it and Inshallah I will bring proud and memorable moments for all my loved one soon.

Q. What is the first thing you notice in a man?
I m not the one who gives priority to looks so much but if u are asking me then I noticed how well behaved, confident and his body language and persona...so I noticed many, not just one..

Q. What would your outfit for a romantic date be?
Something really like sexy, seductive, erotic, nice romantic music, candles, flowers, pool, private beach, long drive or peaceful places, these are all my preference for my date. 

Q. The most used pick up line by you for anyone?
I don't use any pickup line and I m very original fire that and only speak what I really feel for someone other better to be silent and prefer to go with the flow and be spontaneous. 

Q. On what would you spend your earned money; clothes, accessories, perfumes, lingerie or anything else.
The maximum time I love to spend after finishing my work is my home only so I like to buy stuff for my house and second is clothing, I want to have every all type of clothes at my wardrobe and to buy stuff for my doggy. ..

Q. When (Reet Pathania) unwind, what does she indulge in?
I m a workaholic person after work I love to spend time with my dog, I m totally into him, I do every bit of things starting from feeding to cleaning his potty and shushu because he is baby rt now but I enjoy being with him a lot.

Q. What motivational message you wanna convey to our audience.
Since everybody is so smart nowadays so I don't things so I m that old enough to tell and advice them, neither I think I have done something very motivation also but I surely love to add don't ruin your self-respect, soul, charm, innocence, and humanity while chasing your goals dere is lot hell number of options to pursue so don't loose what u have just to get more and always keep plan B so that u need to compromise with your values and dignity ...Cheers to All champion


Rapid Fire With Reet Pathania

Q. What is your style mantra?
Wear the confidence and smile, these two things never go out of fashion..

Q. How someone can get your special attention?
Work on yourself, be deserving, trustworthy, good behavior, right intension, then introduce yourself to me, you will get my attention rather than doing cheesy stuff.

Q. Best food you like from the footpath or street shops.
My all-time favorite is goal apps, I think this is only food which I can have it entire my life, anytime, anywhere... I almost have goalgapaas every day.

Q. What you believe to yourself; actor, model, YouTuber, or anything else.
I prefer to call myself entertainer, performer, content creator or influencer because being a creative person when u tagged as model or actor then people start expecting you to behave in a certain way, and its became very difficult to justify that tag which attached with you and that compelled you to do and behave who you are not and take away freedom of being, who you are,and creativity can't grow in pressure so I want to let myself free without any tag but surely  I love to serve to my audience and always grateful for there attention and appreciation...

Q. What the weirdest questing you've been asked ever?
No, not yet...

Photos: Reet Pathania Images Collection With Bgs Raw

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