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How to Grow On Youtube - Tips by Garima Goel TV Actress

How to Grow On Youtube - Tips by Garima Goel TV Actress. Garima Good Life. Who is Garima?
garima goel tv acctress she is an model, work in many tv shows such as crime pertol, shavdhan india, tarak meheta ka owlta chasma. She is giving tips How to grow on youtube by Garima Goel

BGS RAW: In this post, we are introducing a TV actress who has been seen in many TV shows also in this serial such as CRIME PETROL, Savdhaan India, and similar serial, and her name is Garima Goel. Recently she had started her own channel on youtube, the purpose to start this channel was to inspire the new aspirants 'How to become an actor?' In this topic, she had covered lots of episodes and uploaded on her channel and she is very much connected to the audience.

So we have picked up a few motivational talks from Garima Good Life. This is also the name of her channel on youtube. So if you are looking for any such help and knowledge to get in the Bollywood industry, you must follow her channel.

Garima's message:
Hey Friends,
My name is Garima Goel and I welcome you to my channel Garima's Good Life. I am an Actor and I love to blog. Being a Gold Medallist in Mass Communication and a past media professional, blogging is an extension of my personality.
Through my channel, I want to inspire as many people as I can. My journey from a journalist to an actor has been quite a roller coaster.
I want to share my experiences, stories and people experiences over the past 10 years in my professional life with everyone.
So if you like me and my story, join me for some fun and inspiration.
Much Love ❤❤❤

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How to Grow Youtube Channel

Hi Friends! Here are my ten tips about Youtube in the last one year I have learned.

1. No need to invest in fancy equipment. You can easily shoot on your smartphones today. All you need is a lapel mic for good audio. My Equipment- I Phone 7S, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Rode Lapel Mic Rode Lapel- Click Here to Buy

2. You must have a purpose to start your channel. Otherwise, it will lead you nowhere

3. Don't just start a Youtube channel for money. Start it for passion to succeed.

4. Your content on Youtube should either EDUCATE or ENTERTAIN people. Nothing else works.

5. Any video can pick up and go viral anytime. So be patient. Keep making good content.

6. Youtube loves and appreciates originality. So try to produce original content. Youtube will support you.

7. Youtube is there to help and listen to you. Just try to follow it's guidelines.

8. Know your strengths and play to them. Do not compare yourself with others and their content.

9. Know your audience, read comments, reply to them. It will definitely make your Youtube family bigger.

10. Be humble always and keep working hard.

//Love Garima...

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