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Top 10 Fashion Blogger in India on YouTube 2019 - The Bgs Raw Social Magazine

Top 10 Fashion Blogger in India on YouTube - The Bgs Raw Social Magazine 2019. Top 10 Indian Fashion Youtube Channels To Follow. Indians fashion youtubers. fashion blogger india. jio rockers. Kritika Khurana, Sejal Kumar, Aashana Shroff, Sweta Vijay, Shakshi Shetty, and more
Top 10 fashion blogger on youtube in 2019 by The Bgs Raw Social Magazine, bgs raw graphics
Hey, there folks! And here we have successfully completed our survey for finding the best fashion Blogger in India on Youtube. So we thank all of our audience and visitors on this website to vote in our survey poll. We held this survey for thirty days and we got these results. Also we Bgs Raw have researched a lot on youtube since 1 month ago to find out some best fashion blogger and such creators of 2019, and this is also the best time to feature in our Social Magazine as we moved the half-year of 2019. This is also Top 10 Bloggers - Female, soon we'll also publish a similar article on Men's Fashion Blogger in our Magazine in the future.

Youtube was also a big platform for new talents and dedicated individuals since the last decade, but now it has also been taken by the celebrity. And they have also started vlogging over youtube, you can take an example of Alia(Indian Actress) recently.

So in this magazine article as per our knowledge & research we have explored lots of information. Videos are that's graphics content, which impressed us a lot and so this creators had done the same to impress each viewer. Today we can see the amazing content with very user-friendly videos. Since a day past it was a bit difficult to watch quality videos due to internet speeds. But now most of the users are on the internet and with everyday activities, as most of them are jio rockers.

Top 10 Fashion Blogger in India on YouTube 2019

1. Kritika Khurana
Kritika Khurana is in top 10 fashion youtuber of 2019 as The Bgs Raw Social Magazine have publish there article.

So Kritika Khurana who is also known as 'ThatBohoGirl' and she is very much active on Instagram as well on YouTube too. It is known from the source that she had done graduation in Fashion & Designing and actively working as a fashion influencer.

Most of her contents are on Fashion itself and she makes outfit videos, hairstyle, DIYs, etc. While survey we also found some travel videos, interviews, etc. This channel was created on August 2014 and she had recently 172k+ subscriber and 10M+ views.

'' My name is Kritika Khurana and I have completed my graduation in Fashion Designing
I make outfit videos, Hairstyle tutorial, DIYs, etc. #bohogirlies are life''
- Kritika Khurana

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2. Komal Pandey
Komal Pandey on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine, all about brand promotion, Top 10 Youtuber in India by Bgs Raw. Komal Pandey Images, komal pandey official, komal pandey saree, komal pandey weight loss

And the name Komal Pandey, which is been searched on the internet by huge users. In the field of fashion, she had large stardom. She is very consistently uploading her videos on YouTube. She also responded to the visitor's comment as we notice in her last updated video.

So let's know about her content, then it is mentioned her contents are mostly on Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty. She also explores her like, dislike, personal life updates, etc. Her channel is very close to complete 1M subscriber, but recently she had 808/k+ subscriber with 55M+ views.

"Hi guys, I am Komal! This is my personal channel where I post about Fashion, beauty and basically everything & anything that I like. I'm super excited to be finally doing this and we're going to be a big close-knit family, I promise. Cheers!" - Komal Pandey

To follow her CLICK HERE

3. Shweta Vijay
Sweta Vijay is a former Miss India in the year 2003, She was found in Bgs Raw Magazine for Top 10 Fashion youtuber in India 2019, fashion blogger india, fashion blogger names,

Another fashion channel on Youtube, it told us about Shweta Vijay. She was FORMER MISS INDIA in the year 2003, she is also known to be model-actor and has performed in Malayalam film. Now she is beauty influencer.

To know about her content is basically on fashion, makeup, skincare, DIYs, travel, food, and other random things. To get her subscriber count, it was not possible to gain the information, since nit was hidden. But the of views was seen as it is 5M+ views was on her videos.

"Former Miss India, Model, Actor and now a beauty influencer. What a journey it has been." - Shweta Vijay

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4. Sejal Kumar
Sejal Kumar fashion blogger bio instagram, She is in Top 10 fashion blogger as per Bgs Raw Social Magazine

In the past few years, her present on Youtube has just rocked. Sejal Kumar is one of the most popular Youtuber. She has been awarded 5 different awards till now. She started her channel during her college days.

So the content she creates is basically fashion, skits, singing, and vlogs. We also find unmentioned videos like personal talks and life updates, travel, interviews videos, dancing, etc. She created the channel in August 2012 and had 1M+ subscriber and 137M+ views on her videos.

"Hi everyone! I'm Sejal Kumar from Delhi. I create Fashion and Lifestyle videos and throw in some bits about my life. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them!" - Sejal Kumar

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5. Aashana Shroff
Aashana Shroff is a fashion youtuber and blogger, Aashana Images

An inspiring fashion influencer Aashana Shroff was started her career at a very early age since her mother used to works as a model in Bollywood. And after creating her channel, she never looked back. She is also one of the most trending celebrities as she has paid partnership with large brands.

The contents created by her is vlogs, blogs, makeup, hauls, etc. We also find other contents like travel, influencing, etc. Her channel was created on November 2013 and she had 157k+ subscriber and 9M+ views.

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6. Shakshi Shetty
Shakshi Shetty on Bgs Raw social magazine, fashion blogger description

Shakshi Shetty is on Youtube as a makeup artist and related contents. Most of the contents available on her channel are fashion, makeup, lifestyle, DIY's, etc. Her channel was started on July 2013 and she had 19k+ subscriber and 2M+ views.

"Hey, guys! My name is Shakshi Shetty and I live in Mumbai, India. This channel is a space where I post fashion, makeup, lifestyle, DIY's and many other types of videos." - Shakshi Shetty

To follow her CLICK HERE

7. StyleMeUpWithSakshi
Sakshi Sindwani is a youtuber, fashion blogger collaboration, fashion blogger,

StyleMeUpWithSakshi is a youtube channel own by Sakshi Sindwani. And this contains the contents like styling, fashion, hauls, etc. We also notice dancing and choreography videos.

The channel about section was empty. By the way, this channel was created on July 2015 and she had 62k+ subscriber and 4M+ views on this channel.

To follow her CLICK HERE

8. Upaasana Lamba
Upaasana Lamba is a fashion creator on youtube and on Instagram, her content is all about beauty, makeup, hauls,

Upasana Lamba owns a youtube channel in the same name. The channel contains fashion, beauty related videos. Some other contents such as health, online earning tips, dance, foodie related videos were found on her channel.

This channel was created on August 2016 and had 22k+ subscriber and 2M+ views. Today most of the peoples only streaming videos online but they forget to subscribe since we can find the subscriber rate on different channels.

"Hi, Guys!!!!  I am Upasana Lamba. I create fashion & beauty videos, makeup & hair tutorials, DIYs and lots of fun videos. It's mandatory you subscribe because I'm running low on friends or social life supply." - Upaasana Lamba

To follow her CLICK HERE

9. Sonia Garg
Sonia Garg is also creator fashion videos, beauty blogger, shien, amazon, influrncer, plixxo promoter

Sonia Garg is another creator on youtube for fashion channel. Her channel had contents on different haul, outfits, photography posing ideas, workout related videos are available.

This channel was created on December 2015 and had 23k+ subscriber and 2M+ views. She was a blogger who has transformed to Youtuber as now as mentioned in her description.

"Hi guys, this is Sonia Garg, your personal style blogger from Her Vagabond Life, creating some of the best quality fashion videos for you guys to experience. I love doing what I do and never thought I'd end up here with you guys watching me & smile. So happy. Thank you" - Sonia Garg

To follow her CLICK HERE

10. Pallavi Jain
Pallavi Jain creates fashion, beauty, lifestyle, hauls, online earnings, recipies

We also find this channel with very few subscribers but this channel was marked under top 10 channels on youtube algorithm. So with an honest mind, we had to publish her under Top 10 Fashion Blogger in India on YouTube 2019.

Her channel had contents fashion, beauty, lifestyle, hauls, etc. We also noticed her vlogs on earning, makeup, recipes, etc. Since her channel was started in September 2012 and she had a very low subscriber that is 568 in counts only, and the overall she had 46k+ views.

To follow her CLICK HERE

This article on Top 10 Fashion Blogger in India on YouTube 2019, was based on audience interest and as our audience votes and we analyze on youtube itself. This result was arranged by Bgs Raw team with lots of research on youtube algorithm. We thanks all the creators for there hard works behind the video contents, and stay updated this online streaming ecosystem.
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