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Exclusive Social Chat With Kashika Sisodia Dancer Choreographer - Bgs Raw

Exclusive Social Chat With Kashika Sisodia Dancer Choreographer - Bgs Raw. kashika sisodia wikipedia Viral Dance Dheeme Dheeme, Self created artist.
Kashika Sisodia Dancer Choreographer, is an Youtube viral dancer fron Delhi NCR Gaziabad. Her dance cover on the song Dheeme Dheeme was viral and it got 7.7Million views on that single video.

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Introducing another social star from Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR) who had built her own presence on social media through her talent and belief in herself. She has quit her job, because 'she realizes that life is all about being happy.' And now she is a dancer and a choreographer. She also had her own academy where she teaches dance to the students. She had learned dances in different styles such as; Bollywood, Hi-Hop, Belly, Contemporary, Semi-classical, and lots more. She also owns a Youtube channel, where many videos went viral such as one of them is the Dance cover on the song Dheeme Dheeme which was sung by Tony Kakkar Featuring Neha Sharma. Her Youtube had a total count of 115k+ subscribers and 10M+ views.

The Bgs Raw Social Magazine is working to introduce and feature such talents to get some attention. After our chat, we came to know that she not trained for the dance style of Bollywood, but she believes that dance is all about expression. She had created her own style of dance and formula, She told that dance work in three steps, first is to exercise and open the body, second is to listen to music, third is to practice to make perfect.

In our chat, she also told that her future goal is to enter Bollywood and she working on it and has a trust to achieve it as soon as possible. We also positive wishes for your hard work. So guys, let you read the entire chat below, you love and enjoy it very much. Because every story has its own meaning to learn about.

Kashika Sisodia gave her social interview to Bgs Raw magazine. This magazine is also India's First Social Magazine

Exclusive Interview with Kashika Sisodia

Q. Tell us something about you?
I am an official computer science engineer, someone who can dance n sleep all day long. Talking about my nature I am a very bonhomie sort of person who loves to travel and eat.

Q. What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a dancer?
See dancing makes me happy eternally, I forget almost everything when I am dancing.
So when I realized that life is all about being happy which I was not when I was doing a job in Bangalore, is when I realized that I should go dancing.

Q.  What do you call the dance the dance that you do?
Ummm, maybe Bollywood with expressions ka tadka hahahahah cause for me dance is all about expressions.

Q.  When do you usually do this dancing? Where? With whom?
Every day....with me in front of the mirror and with my students.

Q.  When and where did you learn this kind of dance?
Frankly speaking, I have not learned Bollywood from anywhere. It's just there inside me because of my mom

Q.  What specific movements are important? Are they hard to do if any unprofessional interested to dance?
Every movement is important, with that Halka sa tadka of expressions. And for me, anyone can dance.

Magazine Cover Image of Kashika Sisodia Dancer Choreographer

Q.  What music accompanies the dance? Do music matters?
Music with nice beats, the best part is we have music for every mood. A lot, it matters a lot.

Q.  How do you teach anyone to make them dance?
Exercises- to open the body
Listen to music- to understand the beats
Practice- to make it perfect

Q. What did you think to become in childhood?
Being a child I always fantasized tv actresses so maybe that.

Q. Let's know your goal and future plan?
Enter Bollywood for sure... And I trust myself that I will achieve that.

Q. Do your parents support you?
Yes, now they do...

Q. Besides dancing what do you like most.
Acting and singing.
I sometimes love singing more than dancing but hey I am a bathroom singer cause I am very bad at it.

Q. Your comment for The Bgs Raw Social Magazine.
I just liked the way they address upcoming talents.

Q. We notice you have organized lot's of workshops, what do you fill while meeting new dancers?
Hey Yesss, everyone needs to know this.
Being a dancer u should understand that interacting with other dancers or learning or doing with them doesn't make u less important instead u learn a lot in every way.

Featuring in magazine cover of Bgs Raw Social Magazine. Kashika Sisodia Dancer Choreographer has share her story on Bgs Raw

Q. Till today most of the parent's do not allow there are kids to go in this field. What will be your message for them?
It's common, it will happen, u just need to have a strong belief and confidence in u. It would be a struggle but just remember once u will prove your self in front of them it would be the biggest achievement for u seeing them happy doing what you like the most.

And please guys don't take your parents wrong they are just concerned about you because they know that there is a lot of struggle in this field but once u will show them that u r strong enough to handle it, they will be fine believe me.

Q. How can you motivated to any upcoming dancers. Can we stay stable like a job?
Of course, the way things are changing these days it's not that difficult. All you need to have is a strong belief, trust in your self and confidence that you can handle ups and downs.

Q. Tell how anyone can reach you or contact you.
You can reach out to me through my email kashika.sisodia.creator@gmail.com
■ Check out on Youtube

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