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Why Imbikram Website is Created - Bikram Kr Singh

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Hi Guys, I am very happy to tell here about my new blog website i.e., imbikram. So as I own an another website name Bgs Raw and it's content are mostly for publishing magazine interview, and some other contents. And I thought to have my personal blog website to share my own lifestyle, fashion, photoshoots, and some similar niche. And I discovered the new blog for Bikram Kr Singh i.e., imbikram.

By this blog imbikram, you will get to know my personal lifestyle, travel vlog, fashion, photography, gallery, tip-tricks. Each blog post will contain some story about me. I hope you will also can relate to me further. And will have meet-up, post-card mailling, calls, etc directly from me.

Thanks for visiting to my first post on Why Imbikram Website is Created - Bikram Kr Singh. So I hope you will keep visiting my web-page and my youtube too.

Something new found and explored is written here, I hope you'll love their story

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