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What is YouTube NextUP | How to Enter to this Program For Creators from India - Bgs Raw

What is YouTube NextUP | How to Enter to this Program For Creators from India - Bgs Raw What is YouTube NextUP, What is the eligiblity to participate in this YouTube event
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Hey creators, we're very excited to tell about this topic about YouTube NextUP. So many of you are very eager to know this concept and program by YouTube itself. So there no chance to fraud anyone to visit anywhere. So basically by this program, YouTube organize motivational events to your country. This event is for such YouTuber who can rise up in the future to benefit for themselves. In these events, they ask for registration, and before this, they keep eligibility criteria for the registration of creators. They also give awesome prizes & awards that will give you the boost you've always wanted. Also, this contest used to organize in India in the month of May-June-July. You can check the official Twitter handle of Youtube for the notifications.

Ques regarding YouTube NextUP:

What is YouTube NextUP

So as mentioned this is motivational events which are organized for such creators, who really can rise up in future with his contents, or any related ideas, or related business.

What is the eligibility to participate in this YouTube event

// So the eligibility to participate in this event for Indian creators is; they should have 10k subscriber to 100k subscriber.
// They must be Youtuber Partner with monetization enabled for their particular channel.
// There Youtube account should be in good standing.
// Make sure if you've uploaded at least 3 newly created videos to your channel in last 90 days.
// If your channel satisfies with the above mentioned eligible criteria than congratulation you could be a great fit for YouTube NextUP. All you need to do is find a YouTube NextUP contest in your country to participate.

How many creators are selected for this contest

Bgs Raw doesn't take any responsibility for any creators to be selected. And we are not adjacently sure about this, because we've noticed that in the last contest only 12 creators were selected for YouTube NextUP program. But in 2 years back the number of selection was 30. So as to inform this is the selection may changes time-to-time.

What is been thought in the YouTube NextUP

So this event is mostly invited to learn about your production, how can you boost your content, know your advertisers, sponsorship, etc.

Winner of NextUP will be rewarded or not

Yes, there are lots of rewards given to the creators after been getting selected as follows:
// Getting an opportunity to film & production in the YouTube Space Studio, which is basically held in the month of October.
// Educational & skills sharing workshop design by YouTube
// Worth voucher of $2000 for production gears & needs
// At least 3-month ongoing support from YouTube content partnership team

Conclusion: This is to inform that, this is a knowledgeable content for creators who eagerly want to know about the YouTube NextUP. I hope you've enjoyed reading this content. For any more information who want wanna get through us, than you can appeal through our comment box or via the contact form. Also, follow us on Social Media. Thanks 😃
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