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Exclusive Interview With Swati Baheti The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Rajasthan

Exclusive Interview With Swati Baheti The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Rajasthan. Assam youtuber, fashion blogger, Model. Social Magazine, Brand bgs raw, bgsraw. NCC and SSB

Hey there folks!
This is our exclusive interview with Swati Baheti from Guwahati, Assam on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Interview and that's all about the hottest social stars/models/actors/youtubers which you can read them here. An EXCLUSIVE interview reveals the girls-boys next door behind the social fire and so Bgs Raw has started there social magazine. And here we are introducing another guest from Rajasthan, the very beautiful and talented Swati Baheti, Fashion Blogger/Content Creator/Youtuber. She is now living in Assam.

Swati is now a content creator on Youtube and she is making videos on lifestyle, fashion. She is also interested in music, dancing, etc. She is now in the final year of graduation. And she likes to pursue the fashion, blogging, modeling as a career. She has her own youtube channel and started working since four months ago.

Credit: Swati Baheti - Bgs Raw

Let us know more about her from Swati:

Q. Tell us something about yourself?

Myself Swati Baheti and I'm 21 years old. I was born in Rajasthan but brought up in Assam. I'm in my final year of graduation. It's been just a year that I've started blogging and 4 months that I've started my YouTube channel. I love experimenting with fashion and I guess that's what motivated me to start my own channel and blog.

Q. How did you inspire or influenced to get involved in the world of blogging?

Actually, it all started when I was in 11th standard. I remember I  used to dress up, go to my terrace and ask my sister to click for me. I really wanted to go out for my further studies after 12th, but for some odd reasons I couldn't go and this shattered me completely. The first year of my college was really depressing for me coz all my friends went out, I was left alone. I've always been an outspoken person, but at that time I didn't want anyone around me. I used to just sit alone and think about the things that I would have done if I had gone out too which made me feel even worse and cry.
The only time that I used to smile was when I was in front of the camera.
I used to create different looks, click pictures, post on Instagram and I really started enjoying it. And so many people appreciated my work and it was then that I realized that this makes me really happy and it helped me distract my mind.

Q. How did you create yourself to be as a fashion blogger? What is fashion according to you?

So, that's how it all started.
Fashion for me I actually my passion. Whenever something is bothering me or something is going on in my mind I tend to immerse myself into work which works as a therapy for me.  Fashion is very subjective I feel and style is something that you have of your own. For me, it's about being comfortable as well as confident in whatever you are wearing.
As I told I always loved dressing up. I didn't know what I wanted to be when I was young, but I always imagined myself to be really fashionable and in like really nice and good clothes in my dream job. I used to take tuitions in my second year of college for extra pocket money so that I can buy more stuff, which helped me in two ways.
1. Obviously the little extra money.
2. I realized that I cannot work for others. I don't enjoy it. I don't like to be dependent on anyone.
So, it was then that I realized that I really love working for myself and working on myself. Which made me even sure about this blogging career.

Q. Have you ever joined in any fashion show? Tell something about the experience.

Yes, I have. I have done quite a few fashion shows.
Yeah, it was a nice learning experience. I have learned many things- how to walk, do's and don'ts of whenever you are walking in a ramp and so many other things. I've done 5-6 shows and I've also won titles in each one of them, not winner necessarily in all but something or the other.

Credit: Swati Baheti - Bgs Raw

Q. What is your goal & the future plan?

I believe in having short term goals and work towards then.  I just want to focus on my channel and my blog for one year. I'll be completing my graduation next month and I'll be finally going out of Assam. The only goal for me is to create more and more quality content. Also, I was in NCC, so I'm also planning to appear for SSB interview.

Q. Let our audience know about the NCC and appearing for SSB.

NCC stands for   National cadets corps. It's actually an organization where students of schools and colleges get a chance to live the life of an army. They provide training to the cadets( student in NCC is called a cadet). We learn everything that a soldier learns in his training- map reading, obstacle training, public speaking, firing, weapon training, drill, discipline and so on. It makes a person self-dependent, responsible, confidence and strong both physically and mentally.
We have different types of camps all over the country and outside the country. Cadets get to travel to different places, learn new things and new culture.
There are so many other benefits of being in NCC.

Q. Besides the career, what things do you like and what makes you bored?

I love love love dancing. I love listening to music and playing the guitar, although I don't know how to play it like perfectly.
One thing that I'll make sure after I move to a City is to join a good dance institution and learn guitar.
Apart from this, I absolutely love traveling. I love meeting new people and explore different places.
I enjoy my own company so much that I never get bored when I'm alone.
But I can't stand with fake sexist people.

Q. Do your family support you for your decisions?

Ummm no, not really.
But I don't blame them. They don't know about it that much. I come from a typical Marwari family and on one have ever done anything like this in my entire family, be it blogging, YouTube or NCC. So, they don't support me that much. I try to educate them regarding this a bit but I think it'll take time for them to understand the concept of blogging and YouTube.
I've always been a rebellious kid, idk my thoughts don't match with any of my family members and that's why sometimes I feel like I'm not their kid (jk😂)

Q. What did you think to become in your childhood?

Haha, I told you I didn't know. I had phases. There were days when I wanted to become a fashion designer coz you know my love for fashion, inspector - again the khakhi wardi really fascinated me and I wanted to stand against all the injustice that happens with a women and beat the shit out of the men behind it (I was really small at that time), company secretary and idk what not  Basically I was never sure. My mind always jumped from one thing to another.
I'm glad that I got my niche now and I've started working on it.

Q. Apart from your carrier tell us something else or any incident you like to share?

Ok, I've also played cricket (National level) when I was in the 2nd year of my college. It was a totally different and amazing experience. It (this opportunity) came from nowhere and I grabbed it right there and made the best out of it. It was organized by the women of Marwari Samaj only. But it was a really fun experience I would say.
Apart from this, I strongly believe in the law of attraction. I've been following it for two years now and this has made my life and my mind very calm and peaceful.

Q. How will you recommend Bgs Raw once you get success and become famous?

First of all "famous" is like a very big term. I just want to get recognized for my work that's it.
And regarding Bgs raw, I feel it's a really great platform for people like me. I mean everyone has their own stories about their life, experience, and journey. We get to know about so many people and their journey, get inspired and learn so many things. You guys are doing really great. And I really really wish and hope the best for you.

Credit: Swati Baheti - Bgs Raw

Q. Have you collaborated with any brand?

Yes. I've collaborated with a few brands.

Q. Can you give any idea to upcoming aspirants about fashion blogging?

I think the competition is really tough these days. Almost everyone is doing blogging only.
One thing that I would like to say is- start only if you think your style is different and you are confident about it. Don't do it coz everyone is doing it. Do your research, find your niche and then go for it. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

Q. Any message you want to convey to our audience and your fans?

Ummm.. do whatever makes you happy. Don't think about 'log kya kahenge' that's should not be your business or our business, do things which will make you love your life more every second, at least that's what I do and I tell my younger ones to do. Stay true to yourself and your parents. Make them proud, that's the least that you could do for them.
That's it.

Q. How people can reach you?

Yes, mail, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. I prefer mail over anything. ◾ Instagram ◾ Youtube

Author: Hey Swati Baheti, we thank you very much from our team The Bgs Raw Social Magazine for giving your time to answer our questions. Will interect again.
Credit: Swati Baheti - Bgs Raw

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