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Exclusive Interview With Alisha Sonowal Fashion Blogger & Influncer From Guwahati - The Bgs Raw Social Magazine

Exclusive Interview With Alisha Sonowal Fashion Blogger & Influncer From Guwahati - The Bgs Raw Social Magazine, Alisha is from guwahati assam, she is from dibrughar
Hey there folks!
This is our exclusive interview with Alisha Sonowal from Dibrughar, Assam on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Interview and that's all about the hottest social stars/models/actors/youtubers which you can read them here. An EXCLUSIVE interview reveals the girls-boys next door behind the social fire and so Bgs Raw has started there social magazine. And here we are introducing another guest, the very beautiful and talented Alisha Sonowal, Fashion Blogger/Influencer. She is currently living in Guwahati.

Alisha is a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger currently pursuing b.com accountancy. Her hobbies are swimming, traveling, reading novels, modeling, cooking. Her content is mainly about casual and street styling. She loves Korean fashion. She had collaborated with many brands and also done many photo shoots.

dibrughar model, fashion, actor,
Credit: Alisha Sonowal - Bgs Raw

Let us know more about her from Alisha:

Q. Hey Alisha, so tell us something about yourself?

Hey! That would be a pleasure.
I'm currently 19 years old doing B.com accountancy honors.  I love dancing, singing, cooking, painting. I'm very much into fashion. And I'm a big fan of Korean Fashion.  I'm very ambitious and I plan to broaden my spectrum in the future.

Q. How did you create your interest to be a blogger and a model?

I never wanted my life to be monotonous.  I wanted to be something of my own which also allows me to follow my passion. And what better than making something out of your dreams.

Q. You've also mentioned about your content is mainly of casual and street styling. So let us know about it and also about Korean fashion.

Yes, It is mainly casual & street styling so that it is accessible and comfortable for everyone. It is something we can carry on our day to day basis with little or no hassle. Of course, I like to add my own touch to it.
Also, Korea fashion is mostly about street styling, the twist and the look of it looks great.

Q. Have you ever joined in a fashion show or any such events?

Yes, I have. I participated in T2 glam face season 5. And yea I was invited in some of the events like K-beauty con.

Q. What is your goal & the future plan?

I aim to reach out to maximum people and to explore more of the styling world, maybe have my own brand label someday.

Q. Do you think that one can succeed in blogging today?

Of course ..just look at the examples  - Sejal Kumar, Komal Pandey, Larissa, etc

Q. Besides blogging, what are those things do you like and what makes you bored?

I like to read novels in my past time and watch videos related to fashion and dramas. I'm not usually bored. I don't like sitting idle. 
stars from dibrughar
Credit: Alisha Sonowal - Bgs Raw

Q. Do your family support you for your decisions?

They are not very supportive of this unconventional career  but they have given me a chance to prove myself and do something of my own

Q. What did you think to become in your childhood?

When I was a child I really wanted to do something related to fashion and become a model😅😅 A supermodel😅

Q. Apart from your carrier tell us something else or any incident you like to share?

Well.. at a very young age I got very badly injured in my hands, leaving with many stitches on my left palm. I sometimes face difficulty doing some chores till date

Q. How will you recommend Bgs Raw once you get success and become famous?

Yes, it is alright now, thank you.
It will be a great achievement for me to be featured by a social media platform as Bgs Raw because getting a platform as this really means a lot to me. You are the bigger picture of reaching out to more of the public and achieving it.

Q. Have you collaborate with any brand. When was your first collaboration with a brand? How did you get your first sponsor as an influencer?

Yes, I have collaborated with many brands. I got my 1st collaboration with Daniel Wellington a year back, they dm me via Instagram.
I was very happy to get DW as my 1st collaboration as they are such a big brand. Them reaching out to me really felt great

Q. You are also studying accountancy in B.com as mentioned early in our form, so tell us the scopes available there?

There are many scopes related to banking, accounting, etc

Credit: Alisha Sonowal - Bgs Raw

Q. Can you give any idea to upcoming aspirants about modeling/blogging?

I would like to say to upcoming aspirants models or bloggers is that never give up, follow your dreams, success never come overnight.  It will be a rollercoaster ride and along the way, you will realize that you're actually loving it

Q. We had also known about your hobbies there are many. So tell us some of them and how do you manage it for you?

Whenever I get free time  I like to indulge in my hobbies and other activities.  I spend time with my family

Q. Any message you want to convey to our audience and your fam's?

Keep loving me and if you want me to try something please suggest to me. I'm what you shower on me. Thank you for showing me your love all this while.

Q. How people can reach you?

People can reach  me through the link given below ● Instagram Facebook
Thank you so much. It was nice interacting with you.  😊😊

Author: Hey Alisha Sonowal. We Bgs Raw team wish you all the best for your passion and wish you to achieve more than you deserve. And will interact again.

👉 Interview by: Bikram Kr Singh a lifestyle blogger and digital entrepreneur. You can chat with me on Instagram Facebook. Also available on other social platform, links in this website itself.

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