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A Growing Popular Blogger in the North East, Anzila Naznin

Interview: This is our exclusive interview with Anzila Naznin from Guwahati, Assam on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Interview, and it's all about the hottest social stars, models, actors, and YouTubers, which you can read here. This exclusive interview reveals the boys and girls next door behind the social fire, and Bgs Raw has started their social magazine. Here, we are introducing another guest from Assam, the very beautiful and talented Anzila Naznin, a fashion blogger, YouTuber, and influencer.

Know who is Anzila Naznin of Guwahati Assam? She had been so popular since the era of social media come to be famous.

A Growing Popular Blogger in the North East, Anzila Naznin

Anzila Naznin is a popular fashion influencer and lifestyle blogger who hails from Guwahati, Assam. She completed her education in computer engineering. She runs a YouTube channel called Indieprepgirls with two other friends. The channel features video content based on fashion, where Anzila and her team showcase the latest trending and effortless styling. They provide tips on how to choose between dressing modestly and dressing stylishly, how to create a unique look with a mismatch of clothes, and how to look different from others on a budget. They create innovative styles ranging from chic to even making high street clothes look designer.

anzila nazin popular face of north east blogger

Since she was a kid, Anzila Naznin had a passion for fashion and beauty but didn't know that there was a platform like blogging where she could showcase her skills. As she grew older, her interest in fashion continued to grow, and she started watching fashion-related videos on YouTube. It was through these videos that she learned about the world of blogging and how she could share her own trends with the public. In an interview with Bgs Raw, she said, "I have been doing great in my blogging career. I have worked with many brands, whether it's clothing, makeup, or jewelry. I love my job and I'm really enjoying it." Anzila was also chosen as the community head for Northeast India for MARSPLAY, and she is proud of her achievements.

Let us know more about her from Anzila:

Anzila Nazin Exclusive Interview

Q. Hey Anzila, so tell us something about yourself?

Hi, I m Anzila Naznin, a computer engineer by profession and also a fashion blogger.

Q. How did you create your interest to be a YouTuber & an influencer?

So, I have been a fashion freak since I was a kid I love to do makeup, and wear all kinds of stuff of fashionable clothes and jewelry, I use to steal my mummy's clothes and my sister's heels and start doing ramp walks like a model. Ever since I was a kid I really wanted to do something related to fashion or beauty but never knew that such a platform exists like I can be a blogger one day.

With the growing stage, my interest in fashion grew more and started watching more and more videos on Youtube related to fashion. I came to know about the blogging career that I can show my skills through blogging where I can put the trends in front of the public. This is how I gave a little step as a YouTuber and a blogger.

I asked two of my friends, who are my blog partners as well that's PALLABI and BOHNISIKHA to help me out and they agreed to it successfully three of us run the YouTube channel by name "Indie Prep Girls" (link given below).

Q. How long are you involved in this work and how's your experience?

It's been two years since I started my journey as a blogger and I have been doing great in my blogging career. I have been working with many brands be it clothing, makeup, or jewelry.

And I love my job and really have a good time in it. Also after all that, I m also chosen as the Community Head of NorthEast for MARSPLAY and also my biggest achievement to be featured as TOP 5 MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOGGERS OF GUWAHATI and I m really happy with my achievements, that was a result of my hard work and determination.

Q. Let us know your goal & future plan?

Yes, there's lots more to go on this journey but till now m really glad I have done it and since the career as a blogger is in trend now I wish to go with more passion and determination to make it a full-time job.

Q. You've mentioned that you influence such a fashion & designing which suits the budget. So let us know the concept.

My concept of styling is between dressing modestly and dressing stylishly, the way you can create yourself in any mismatch of clothes, and how can you look different from someone on a budget. All the innovative styles are created starting from Chic-style to even making high street clothes look, designer.

Every time going to a mall and wearing branded clothes is not necessarily going affordable is what I believe is real fashion.

Anzila Nazin is a blogger belongs from north east India fashion influencer

Q. Let us know about the latest trends and effortless styling from you. And are you working for both male and female designers?

I haven't worked for any designer but yes I have worked with a lot of brands.

Q. Do your family support you in your decisions?

Yes totally, initially I asked my parents about it and that's where the main part comes in, your family support plays very importantly when you choose something different to do. By God's grace, they happily permitted me as they knew my knowledge and interest in it

Q. What did you think to become in your childhood?

Already I mentioned above, as I was a fashion freak since my kindergarten days, I always wanted to have my step. into a fashion world.

Q. Apart from your blogging tell us something else or any incident you like to share?

Apart from blogging, m also engaged in dancing.😁

Q. How will you recommend Bgs Raw the social magazine once you get successful and become famous?

This is will be my great achievement to be featured in a social magazine because getting a platform where I can put my skills in front of the public is totally a count on achieving success

Q. When was your first collaboration with a brand? How did you get your first sponsor as an influencer?

My first collaboration was with a watch brand Daniel Klein a year back, I was really glad to get a collaboration from such a big brand at the very first. When I had just reached 1000 Instagram followers they messaged me via social media The company liked my style and asked if I would like to collaborate. They proposed to me by sending their watch in exchange for a blog post and Instagram photo.

Q. Have you ever joined any fashion show or any such events?

I haven't joined yet but yes I was invited to some fashion shows and events

Q. Also, we noticed you in one of the post 'Prag Cine Award 2019'.

One of the grand Assamese film awards and mega-events of the entire northeast. It started in the year 2003 and has succeeded in its 8 years of journey.

That was at the press meet where 10 bloggers were invited to celebrate their event and this time it's going to be held at NURUL AMIN STADIUM, NAGAON.So, we will celebrate this event on 1st and 2nd June and make it a wonderful one for the glory of the Film Industry.

Q. You've mentioned that you were the community head of MARSPLAY in the northeast, so tell me something about it?

Basically, it is a blogger Community where we are looking for passionate fashion bloggers to become a part of the Marsplay community. On Marsplay App, you can make your styles shoppable by tagging the products you are wearing from platforms like Myntra. Earn when people shop your styles on Marsplay. As a part of our community, you get free photo/video shoots, help in creating great content, features on our page, and brand collaborations.

Q. Can you give any idea to encourage upcoming aspirants about blogging & influencing?

See, blogging has become a new career choice for many people nowadays. The scope of blogging in the coming days will be equal to the other professional jobs we have in our city. Today the scenario of bloggers in India is such that one can earn from thousand to lakhs of engagements from a couple of posts. Visual contents run more than written because people want the experience to be easy, especially in our city.

So, if ur wondering if it's possible to have a bright future in blogging. My answer would be yes u can !! :)

Anzila Nazin is a blogger belogs from north east india fashion influencer

Q. You're also a computer engineer. So give any idea and scope for our audience which may help them in pursuing the same course?

There are lots of opportunities for B.TECH  in CSE students in the market or anywhere in the first place. IT sectors provide the best placements all over the world and India also provides the very best IT sector jobs with a good salary package. Many organizations/companies are present here for student selection, which means if you are someone who doesn't want to have higher studies and want to do a job in B.tech CSE and IT sector is the best for you.

Q. Any message you want to convey to our audience and your fans?

I just want to say that don't Lose Hope. You Never Know What Tomorrow May Bring. Rather than losing hope and giving up, you chose to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and continue moving with the hope toward achieving your dreams. None of us are immune from falling into difficult times.

Go ahead and live your dreams, Because today's hard work and determination will reward you tomorrow.

Q. How people can reach you?

Can DM me on insta @anzilanaznin1. Don't forget to check it. Share love!!

Lastly, like all the YouTubers the important thing 😁, like, share, and subscribe to the channel and stay updated!

Interview by: Bikram Kr Singh, updated recently

FAQs Related to Anzila Naznin

Q. Who is Anzila Naznin?

Anzila Naznin is a popular fashion influencer, and lifestyle blogger belongs from Guwahati Assam. She had completed her education in Computer Engineer. She runs a YouTube channel by the name Indieprepgirls with two other friends

Q. Where does Anzila Naznin lives?

She is from Guwahati Assam but lives in Banglore

Q. What is religion of Anazila Naznin?

Anzila Naznin believes in Muslims.

Q. What is the phone number of Anzila Naznin?

You can contact her on her official Instagram the handle username is anzilanaznin1

Q. Anzila Naznin youtube channel name?

She runs a YouTube channel called Indieprepgirls with two other friends.

Q. When did Anzila Naznin give an interview to Bgs raw The News Magazine?

Anzila Naznin gave an interview with Bgs Raw in May 2019. She had a conversation with Bikram Kr.

Q. Who is the boyfriend of Anzila Naznin?

Do not have clear information about the relationship.

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