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Why the Urgent Rush to Halifax Citadel of Canada Nova Scotia?

Why the Urgent Rush to Halifax Citadel of Canada Nova Scotia? The 19th-century Halifax fortress in Canada is a national heritage site, Inside Halifax Citadel, Prince Edward Island, Tourism accounts for 2.1% of Canada's gross domestic product (GDP). Time to visit hakifix hill

Being a historical place on the lips of the public obviously means that it is worth exploring why this is so important. The 19th-century Halifax fortress in Canada is a national heritage site that has existed for two hundred years. There were four forts at the time. Each fortress was unique in its own way. They were named Fort George, until the third fort was built in 1794 and was renamed after King George III, father of Prince Edward. The erection of this edifice was an order from above and consecrated in October 1798. Meanwhile, the first and second were officially named the Halifax Citadel.


On all angles, the views are unique both from above, below, and from a vista point. The octagonal - shaped Halifax Fort is a hill with a visually attractive picture. It is a city that protects both the waterfrontage and the residents. As a matter of fact, the large size of the hill inspired Britain to create a vibrant community in Halifax in 1749. Halifax Fortress has been re-stored three times to meet the required standards. It is so well protected that the backfriend cannot attack unexpectedly. This defense wall was erected in 1856.

The Fun

Regular and ambitious visitors should be prepared to enjoy the most memorable pleasure in the Halifax Citadel. Of course, children will not miss this historical fun and performance. You can activate and enjoy the use of Xplorers program specially for kids. This is a book about activities that make them busy and happy. There is also a chance to admire the canon blast and the military team who are always energetically up to something for guests.

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Halifax with two historical dates of the British army - the pageantry of the 78th Highlanders and the accuracy of Royal Artillery always entertain visitors with super-duper live performances with the help of beautiful bridge exercises. Regardless of the season within the year, people around the world call on this fort for a great experience and for various reasons as well. But the best time to travel to this place is summer. There is a fun program that includes the Citadel Ghost walk and other interesting entertainment.

Inside Halifax Citadel

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Prince Edward Island

The colonial Citadel of Halifax includes not only colossal buildings, but also renovated premises, such as the barracks, sewing workshop and a school. Events keep unfolding at  Citadel Halifax as visitors keep moving in. Take a break! To overcome your senses,  there is a drum beat in combination with a self-playing melodic trumpet instrument to upheave the spirits of available patrons.

National Tourism Income

Tourism accounts for 2.1% of Canada's gross domestic product (GDP). It supports one of ten jobs of about 1.8 million people. Tourism attracts more than $ 20 billion from international sightseers which clearly shows that it contributes to the development of Canada through this sector. Statisticians in Canada says international tourism set an annual record in 2018, with close to 20.8 million trips of one or more nights. The overall figure crosses the previous record of 20.1 million sets in 2002.

Time to Visit

The road to Halifax Hill is very popular due to the picturesque view of the city and the surrounding harbor view. The road passes through the Old Town Clock, one which was commissioned by Prince Edward in 1803. The Old city clock tower or citadel is one of the most historic landmarks of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is a good idea to have a great experience from mid-July to October. This period allows a special content of the fortress. Payment of entrance fee is at the gate. Working hours is from 9:00 to 18:00 GMT.

The Old Town Clock Tower at Night

Day scene of Old Town Clock Tower


Visitors are highly protected here, considering the security force at post. All events organised are accurate and systematic. It is good to know that security forces change on time. Therefore, security is very safe.

Join the excursion to learn more about the Halifax fortress, especially about the ghosts that are known to have haunted the fortress.  Perhaps, it is the truth.

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