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What Are The Criteria To Get Introduce In Bgs Raw Magazine

What are the conditions applies to get featured? How to get feature in our Bgs Raw Instagram page? Criteria To Get Introduce In Bgs Raw Magazine Bgs Raw form to get featured, bgs raw magazine form.
This is a very popular search on google today. So hey guys, I'm Bikram Kr Singh here to tell you how to get introduced in Bgs Raw magazine. So it was a very long story about me for what I myself started this magazine. There is nothing to lose for you or to earn for us. Only we do this to get some attention to you. But it is necessary to involve a few or some criteria before featuring anyone. I want to share a short story about how I created this concept. I was very kine to write something as I thought to do something very big, so article writing was what it would be for me at that time.

But after writing an article on Top 5 Travel Vlogger On Youtube. I was created that these people may need more attention to them. So I searched for such people who need such attention and I started researching on social media. And I found one among them but I was not sure if he/she really want any featuring. So I drop a message asking if you allow us to feature on our social magazine, and I got a reply with yes. That was the turning point for me, later I tried with very popular YouTuber Kritika Goel, and she also allowed an interview. After that, it was my final step to start The Bgs Raw Social Magazine. And now we are getting lots of messages on email and on Instagram. Many people are requesting to feature them, as I'm also very new in this field. I'm not able to decide either I should feature everyone or with some criteria. Still, I'm confused.

Since looking to our internet, it must be used for good, so later I decided to get some details before featuring. So that we can know well about your creation, influence, and profile. So let us see the criteria.

The criteria to get introduce in Bgs Raw Magazine:

Q. How to get featured in The Bgs Raw Social Magazine?
That's very easy just fill out the form, with few of your details to get featured.

Q. How to get featured on our Instagram page?
If you want your pic to get featured on our official Instagram page. Just drop an email with subject ''MeOnBgsRaw'' write a short line about you and send it.

Benefits of following us on Instagram:
● We keep searching for new social stars from the likes, comments, followers we have been got from your audience. If you will follow us on Instagram, there is 100% chance to get featured on our Instagram or in our Magazine.

Q. Who will be introduced in your magazine?
So you must be a creator, influencer, blogger, models, actors, fashion designer, youtuber, social helper, local business, etc. If you come in such type you will be introduced in our magazine.

Q. What are the conditions applies to get featured?
I don't think there are very big conditions, but we will review before introducing. It is done to know something before we take your online interview.
Q. How will you take my interview?
This is a very good question which is been ask by all of you. So today social media has increased there use, so we use the same platform to interview you.
Q. What is the benefit of getting featured?
So, I don't know the perfect answer. But according to me. By featuring you can get some impression towards your creativity, talents, small business.

Q.  How many followers must I've to get featured?
To get the feature in Bgs Raw social magazine one must have 5000 Instagram follower with good profile impression. The profile must contain standard content.
Q. Do the quality matter?
Obviously, quality matters. But taking pics on DSLR is not enough, but creativity must be shown.

Last update on 07-11-2019

So if you have any questions regarding our magazine drop us, will update it here. I hope you like this post on What Are The Criteria To Get Introduce In Bgs Raw Magazine. If you also have a good profile and you like to get featured in our magazine fill our form our drop message on Instagram.
Thanks 😃
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