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Time To Celebrate Anamika Khanna - The Indian International Designer

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Time To Celebrate Anamika Khanna - The Indian International Designer

Fashion is about change. They transform at any time, regardless of the season. Major fashion designers have long been working in this industry for its growth. Despite the expected difficulties faced by this work of art, India is characterized not only by great fashion icons in the country, but also famous fashion designers recognized around the world. One of them is Anamika Khanna. This 42-year-old Indian is very well known in the fashion industry, and her career in this industry has brought a lot of credibility to India. As a label owner, she strives to be recognized as one of the highest brands in the world. Anamika received several awards for recognition, but being covered by the Business of Fashion is one of her finest achievements.
She follows one of the few fashion experts who combined traditional Indian fabrics with silhouettes and Western silhouette and tailoring. Anamika is the first Indian designer with an international label Ana Mika. Her style is very unique and attracts many Indian celebrities including Bollywood stars. She knows who she is, her personality and her brand thus, works hard for the best. Anamika is popular with almost all Bollywood stars in India due to her unsurpassed design. Her millennial bride outfits are just beyond imagination. Therefore, most female celebrities including world top class showbiz icon, Oprah Winfrey loves to sizzle in Ana Mika. They prefer her design to others.

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Oprah Winfrey sizzling in Ana Mika

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To expand your knowledge in your field of work, you must always include a plan that will always be at the forefront. As a result, Anamika creates creativity by planning and traveling around the world. She studies different cultures of different people and learns about the types of architecture and the latest trends in the global market. As an ambitious designer, she always gets inspiration from where she goes, what she sees, and from the people with whom she communicates.
As a traveler, I remember one of the most beautiful festivals in West Africa, full of cultural identities. And the first thing that surprised me was the dress code. All I said was - 'this is a good event for clothing stylists. The gears' color of the dancers and the expression of the clothes were extremely nice. Every designer will easily find a way to make a great collection out of this after visiting a beautiful event with such bright colors and styles like this.

What Kind of Clothing line Does Anamika Produce?

With her studio in Calcutta, one of the capitals of India, Anamika produces both ready-to-wear as well as use the Ana Mika culture label, specially designed for Western buyers. She is also known for the best designer fabrics, especially for brides, with the exception of the production of traditional crafts and hand-embroidery in India.

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Interestingly, Anamika knew nothing about design. Before her interest in designing, she was a classical dancer and a paint-er. The passion for this trade began when she released her label in the early 90s. Due to her artful end products, she garnered massive attention for her eclectic and non-traditional and unconventional works. In 1998, she was assisted by a large number of boutiques in the capital Delhi. They helped in the sales and promotion of the brand, thereby gaining a wider audience

Anamika receiving an Award
Her ingenuity and innovation became so outstanding that she was presented with a prestigious Indian Damania Award in the fashion industry. Anamika was then assigned to the Damian Hall of Fame, as a special achievement.

Designs by Ana Mika
Anamika Khanna developed her skills early on in her career by attending workshops hosted by the Victoria & Albert Muse-um in London and at various institutions in Paris. She secured an exclusive contract with Harrods in 2002. And in 2006, prior to presenting at Paris Fashion Week, Khanna showcased at the Wills India Fashion Week. She has since been a regular presenter at Lakmé Fashion Week.
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