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The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Exclusive Interview of Govind Raj From Hyderabad

The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Exclusive Interview of Govind Raj From Hyderabad. Common Raj Youtube channel, Roasting videos, Funny Videos
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Hey there folks!
This is our exclusive interview with Govind from Ajmer, Rajasthan on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Interview and that's all about the hottest social stars/models/actors/youtubers which you can read them here. An EXCLUSIVE interview reveals the girls-boys next door behind the social fire and so Bgs Raw has started there social magazine. And here we are introducing another guy, currently living at Hyderabad, the very handsome and talented Govind, Youtuber, Vlogger, Influencer.
Govind is now a Youtube creator. His videos are mostly of roasting, he inspired by BB Ki Vines later he got to know Carry Minati. And then he realised that this is what happen with him too. And finally, he started his own channel on youtube. He keeps updated with new roasting videos which are also very interesting. He had also collaborated with brands. He is also known as Common Raj.

Let us know more about him from Govind:

Q. Tell us something about yourself?

Hey, pleasure is all mine. Govind or if i say Common RaJ started with a plan of entertaining every single person he meets on his way. It feels great when you come to know that people get to entertain or laugh because of your content. I am rapper turned roaster who started roasting in 2018 and still going with the flow to entertain as many people I can.

Q. How did you inspire to become a YouTuber

I still remember I had this thing in mind ki entertaining is what I got, baki Kuch aata nai tha mujhe, padai se toh dur tak nata nai tha, I used to rap on stages, used to record tracks and stuff, but ek chiz tha ki when I used to stand around a crowd toh me logo hasa diya karta tha, they used to laugh, and it used to make me happy ki people are laughing because of you. So Karna toh tha hi kuch life me music ke related, which was like love to me and then came this guy carry minati, I will not lie, maine sabse pehle youtube pe bb ( Bhuvan bam) ki video dekhi, and it was dope as fuck, like yeh banda kuch karne ke liye paida huva tha , but thode dino baad maine carry ki video bhi dekhi aur mujhe laga ki yaar yeh kuch aisha hai jo mai bahut time se kar raha hun apne friends ke bich me, why shouldn't I try to like make it for the world and that's it, that's how it started.

Q. Which video was very famous on your channel. Tell how did you manage it?

Well there are lot of videos which went viral on my channel, but the most viewed on my channel is balveer roast (and even I don't know how it went so viral) , but my own fav videos which went viral is like the recent love school roast, the roadies roast, my big boss roast series, or tik tok roast , jab aishe  video viral jate hai toh it feels good ki your work is seen by a lot of people, and responsibilities thodi aur bad jati hai ki agala video aur dhasu lao!!

Q. Since when did you start roasting on YouTube?

I started roasting in 2018, channel toh pehle hi khol diya tha, but I used to like post random stuff there, but phir 2018 where I actually came to know ki bhai apna content roast hi hai lol.

Credit: Govind Raj - Bgs Raw

Q. What is your goal & the future plan?

My goals are like to make this channel as big as I can, and then jald mai vlogging karne wala hoon, like me apna khud ka. Jispe aisha content hoga jo my audience has not yet seen. Tho hype andar se ish channel ke liye or ish content ke liye. Then my other goals are to release music videos, jo ki I am dreaming since when I was teen. And we will make sure happen because the common squad is lit AF lol ♥🔥

Q. Besides this all, what things do you like and what makes you bored?

I love listening to music, music is like part of my life, aur gossip karna bhi mujhe bahut pasand hai , logo se ghanto baat kar sakta hun mai 😂 because maja aata hai in knowing people and their opinions and stuff. And yeah last but not least, food i just love eating food. Lol 😂
And what makes me bored? Umm, I must say, boriyat tab hota hai jab aapke pass kuch karne ko nai hota .. aur yeh bahut kam time hota hai because insaan jab bore feel karta hai toh kuch na kuch jugad karke boriyat se bahar nikal hi jata hai 😂 and same goes for me.

Q. Do your family support you for your decisions?

Yeah they do, they are so supportive man, i am blessed with supportive parents, though they still want me to get a govt job asap 😂 but yeah passion or decisions ke liye kabhi kuch nai bolte hai aur khula support karte hai, and I hope sabke maa baap sabko aishe support kare ki sab apne field mai aage bade.

Credit: Govind Raj- Bgs Raw

Q. What did you think to become in your childhood?

I used to imagine a lot of things in childhood like saare bache thode ajeeb se hi hote hai you know 😂 you will not believe ek baar I was like bhai jeta lal ki tarah dukan khol denge , kitna paisa kama tha hai voh, mumbai mai flat bhi hai, I was like gajb zindagi hai bhai ki mai toh voi banega 😂
But then ek time pe aake aapko pata padta hai ki life doesn't work like that, you have to actually plan to achieve something lol.

Q. How will you recommend The Bgs Raw Social Magazine?

Well, what Bgs is doing is af, like getting interacted. Getting interacted with new creators, new artist, or influencers, giving them a platform to share their story is lit AF 🔥

Q. When was your first collaboration with a brand?

Umm my first collab with a brand was like char panch mahine pehle when I did with filmora it seems, uske baad toh I have a collabed with a lot of brands.

Q. Can you give any idea to upcoming aspirants about starting a YouTube channel? As you are there for a long time.

Yeah the main thing jo kisi bhi upcoming aspirants ne dimag mai rakhni hai voh hai ki pura jor laga do , jab tak kuch mila na  tab tak hustle karte raho, log kya karte hai 1 2 videos dalnge, regular nai rehte , jo hardwork youtube pe lagna chaiye voh lagte nai aur pehle hi har man lete hai.. we all know great things take time, ish liye bas datt jao, patience toh honi honi chaiye bande me... And pir toh jhande gad dene hai usne.

Q. Any message you want to convey to our audience and your fans?

Agar koi chiz tumari passion hai ya tume ushe chate, toh apni jee Jahan laga do usme, ab chaiye voh padai hi kyu na ho, bas bhagwan ke bharose mat raho, Apne bharose raho aur pir pakka aag laga doge.

Q. How people can reach you?

They can reach me through my mail or my insta, aur YouTube comments bahut jyada ho jate hai it is impossible to reply every single of them ( though you want to you can't reply) so yeah these two platforms to find me. Link: Youtube

Author: Hey Govind Raj, wish you all the best for your passion.May you get more attention toward your channel and grow successfully. And will interect again.

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