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Pragati Verma: The Tiny Girl With Not So Tiny Dreams

Interview: This is our exclusive interview with Pragati Verma from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, featured in The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Interview, which covers the hottest social stars, models, actors, and YouTubers, and you can read it all here. This EXCLUSIVE interview reveals the boys and girls next door behind the social fire, and Bgs Raw has launched its social magazine. Here, we introduce another guest from Uttar Pradesh, the very beautiful and talented Pragati Verma, a YouTuber and video creator. Despite hailing from a small town, she has big dreams of becoming an actress in the future.

Pragati Verma: The Tiny Girl With Not So Tiny Dreams, bgsraw interviews

The Tiny Girl With Not So Tiny Dreams, Pragati Verma

Pragati is currently studying and is also involved in creating lots of new videos on YouTube. Despite being only 17 years old, she has a huge following on YouTube with over 70,000 subscribers. Her main content revolves around recreating pictures of models and DIY videos.

Here is an Exclusive Interview with Pragati Verma:

Q. Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Pragati Verma, I m 17 years old! I am from a Small city (Gorakhpur) and I like to study also I want to become an actress in the future🌸

Q. How did you get inspired to come on Youtube?

As I told you earlier I like to study  & during my 10th boards,I use to study a lot on Youtube Channels, & when I take a small break I Like to watch funny comedy videos, So I thought I Can Also Do This & I wanted to get Fame So I Just Started.

Q. How long are you involved in this work and when did you start your channel?

I started my Youtube Channel in April ( 2018), It's been one year now!

Q. What is your goal & future plan?

My goal is to become a successful actress, I love Bollywood. After completing my 12th this year, I would Like To Do mass communication & After Graduation I would Like to Learn Acting. Because I think I m not so mature to learn acting after my 12th in Mumbai.

Q. Do your family support you in your decisions?

Yes! They Support Me A lot! Especially My Mom!!! She is so supportive.

Pragati Verma: The Tiny Girl With Not So Tiny Dreams

Q. Have you ever joined any drama or acting show?

No, Not Yet Because I have a disease called Migraine due to which My Mom Didn't Allow me to do anything. She didn't want me to get faint. But, 1.5 years back, I forced her, and she let me go to dancing classes but after 3-4 classes my headache started every time, so I leave dance classes. Also, through youtube, I like to watch acting classes which is quite helpful.

Q. Then how will you join the acting career?

I'm going to do acting after completing my graduation, then my family will think I'm Mature.

Q. Besides your career, what things do you like, and what makes you bored?

I like to do makeup, I love shopping also I love Outdoor Games. I feel so bored When I'm alone.

Q. What are the things you do in your spare time?

I make tik tok videos 🤦 & sometimes decorate my room or try to do some DIY! Watch Youtube videos.

Pragati Verma's Interview in BgsRaw Magazine

Q. How long will you remember The Bgs Raw Social Magazine.

For a lifetime! Because this is my first-ever interview! & I never forget someone who supports me. I am thankful to Bgs Raw

Q. Have you collaborated with any brand. When was it?

Yes, First Time I collaborated with teerightback. In Feb. 2019

Q. What message do you want to convey to our audience and your fans?

I just want to say! Thank You!! Everyone loves me and loves my content. I m so lucky fans from all over the world! I never thought that a girl who lives in a small city in U.P. can have so many fans from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal 🌸 I m so blessed.

Q. How people can reach you?

My fans can reach me on social media. Links: Youtube Facebook Instagram TikTok

Interviewed  by Bikram Kr

FAQs Related to Pragati Verma

Q. Who is Pragati Verma?

Pragati Verma, a multi-talented Indian personality, is an actor, comedian, model, and YouTuber. Known for her creativity, she has tackled numerous complex scripts on her channel, establishing herself as one of the most innovative YouTubers. Her expertise extends to lifestyle vlogging, where she has garnered a significant following. She has collaborated with prominent Indian YouTubers on channels such as Anaysa and S Babli, further enhancing her reputation.

Q. When did Pragati Verma Born?

Pragati Verma was born on 14th December 2001 in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Q. Pragati Verma's father's name?

Her father’s name is Dr. Vijay Shankar Verma 

Q. Pragati Verma's mother's name?

Her mother’s name is Mamta Verma.

Q. Who are siblings to Pragati Verma?

She has two siblings named Tripti and Prakalp Verma in the family.

Q. When did Pragati Verma give Interview to Bgs Raw?

Pragati gave an interview to Bgs Raw Magazine in 2019.

Q. Who is Pragati Verma's boyfriend?

We don't ask private questions, so currently, we don't know about relationships.

Q. Pragati Verma's phone number?

You can contact her via Instagram or email.

Q. Pragati Verma's net worth?

She earns approx $100k per month.

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