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How To Flim Vlog Video - 6 Tips How To Start a Vlog & Vlogging On Youtube

How to film vlog video - 6 Tips How To Start a Vlog & Vlogging On Youtube. Film in mobile for youtube. film in camera for youtube. Start vlogging best camera for youtube in low price. Read Blog of bgsraw, bgs raw, Bgs Raw
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Hi there! I am Bikram kr Singh and I am a blogger & digital entrepreneur and you are reading this article on Bgs Raw.
As in the previous article, I've discussed the basic to start a vlog on youtube. As I started a series on the topic Best Vlogging Camera For Youtube. So here I am with the next article, and in this post will discuss How To Flim Vlog Video. So to get you to understand fast I'm writing it step by step. As I told in my first intro part that filiming is the backbone of your vlogging. Let us see the points we need to keep in mind while filing:

How To Flim Vlog Video:

● So now you have a camera to record a vlog and your youtube channel. It's time to start the actual vlogging.

● I hope you may be confused "What to vlog?" So you can film whatever you do every day, record every moment happens with you. Just arrange the recorded footage as a story and people will love it very much.

Let me give you a short story:

1. First, do not overthink. No need to plan it too much. Just start recording and say whatever you are watching around. many vloggers shoot there vlog suddenly i.e., not by planning, suddenly they capture it beautifully, which is a great idea.

2. But hey peoples if you are recording there, lighting audio quality is to give more importance. Because if you are recording any shots and if it does not show that quality it will be like what? Right?

3. So you must have good lighting & audio recording, for your video.

4. While communicating you must speak out clearly and do not leave any long silence in the vlog.

5. If you want to include any shots you need to arrange it with music and perfect sounds for the footage.

6. Interacting with your audience is also a great factor. Because take an e.g., if you are with your friend in home/school/college you ask them How am looking today. How is my outfit? and wala wala... Definitely with the same idea you can attract & connect to your audience. Ask their opinion and be sure to respond to there comments/messages on any videos or Instagram etc.

7.  Sign off your vlog with a unique phrase. If I take an example of popular YouTuber "Mumbaiker Nikhil, " if you have watched his video you can notice that the sign of his vlog with a special phrase, which is also a very good idea, in case of saying thanks for watching my video.

So this was the concept on How to film vlog video. In next video will discuss editing. Before finishing my line. I like to request to follow me on Instagram Facebook. Also if you would share this post on your social handle it will be great. For any questions write us in comment or mail. ZThanks for reading this article. Keep reading 😃
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