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Best Vlogging Camera For Youtube - 6 Tips How To Start a Vlog & Vlogging On Youtube

Best Vlogging Camera For Youtube - 6 Tips How To Start a Vlog & Vlogging On Youtube. Film in mobile for youtube. film in camera for youtube. Start vlogging best camera for youtube in low price
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Hi there! I am Bikram kr Singh and I am a blogger & digital entrepreneur and you are reading this article on Bgs Raw.
As in the previous article, I've discussed the basic to start a vlog on youtube. As I started a series on the topic How To Start A Vlog And Start Vlogging On Youtube. So here I am with the next article, and in this post will discuss Best Vlogging Camera For Youtube. So to get you to understand fast I'm writing it step by step.

Best Vlogging Camera For Youtube:

1. In my last post, I told you the basic to start vlogging on youtube. So now let us know about the best vlogging camera to start vlogging.

2. If you are a beginner you need not think to get the professional camera. Just get a good smartphone which has a good camera and start exploring. If you are very new to interacting on the camera, you will find a little awkward at first. But after making two to three videos I'm sure you will feel free to interact with a camera.

3. However, any youtube will suggest you start with good cameras.
But as my own experience, I will not recommend you go to professional but start with the best.
By the way, if you get a good camera it will be like great. Because none of us like enjoying the bad quality right.

4. Good vlogging camera has high definition video quality, good audio quality and most of the camera have built-in video stabilization. So your vlog will attract your audience. And it will boost your views as well as the subscriber.

5. If you are filming with your smartphone you can use Gimbel for stabilization. But it is very costly and this only you can afford after the monetization enabled and the earnings will starts.
Some of the smartphones have good stabilization facilities and so you can purchase that from the market or online too.

So guy if you are looking to start your own youtube channel and start vlogging there, you must need a good vlogging camera. Some of the best camera's are listed below with the links. The products include affiliate links. I hope you liked this post Best Vlogging Camera For Youtube and if you've got a suggestion or question regarding this article you may write to us. Check out the cameras both in mobile as well as the camera. Some links are not listed son we will list it do check back later.

Proffessional Camera:
1. GoPro Hero 7
Price: Rs. 22,147  Buy Now

2. Sony Cybershot DSC-WX500
Price: Rs 21,013 Buy Now

3. CANON Power Shot G7X Mark II
Price: Rs. 38,620 Buy Now

4. Canon 200D
Price: Rs.

Professional Camera in Phone:
1. Vivo V15
Price: Rs. 23,990 Buy Now

2. Xiaomi Mi A2
Price: Rs. 11,999 Buy Now
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