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The Social Magazine Interview With Fashion Blogger Gaurav Singh Gaur

The Social Magazine Interview With Fashion Blogger Gaurav Singh Gaur
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Hey there folks!
This is our exclusive interview with Gaurav Singh Gaur from Sitapur, Uttar Pardesh on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Interview and thats all about the hottest social stars/models/actors/youtubers which you can read them here. An EXCLUSIVE interview reveals the girls-boys next door behind the social fire and so Bgs Raw has started there social magazine. And here we are introducing another guy from Uttar Pardesh, the very handsome and talented Gaurav Singh Gaur, Model, Fashion, Influencer.

Gaurav is now a very new Influencer on instagram. He already joined in many photo shoots. His hard work and talent helped him to grab the lot attention. And Bgs Raw searched for this new talent to get featured and some attraction must be viewed towards.

fashion blogger uttar pradesh, exclusive on bgs rae,
Credit: Gaurav Singh Gaur - Bgs Raw

Let us know more about him from Gaurav:

1. Tell us something about yourself?

 Well I am 23 and have completed BCA and currently working as a recruiter in a company.

2. How did you inspired to become a fashion influncer?

 Well I kept on seeing these amazing people posting about their lifestyle and fashion and stuff which was quite interesting and I too always wanted to give it a try as model but couldn't, so when I started using instagram I felt this could be and I too could follow up like those people and inspire others as well.

3. How long are you involved in this work and how's your exprience?

 Its not very long been around 4 months since I started this and yes this is not easy as it looks. We have to work hard. I say 'the people who help me in getting good pictures and the clothing its not easy to find that perfect location for the shoot. We have to keep looking for the suitable venue to get that perfect lights and everything. Thats a hardwork.

4. Have you ever joined in any fashion show?

 I joined a fashion show back in college didn't lasted long because it was just for a college fest. nothing big.

5. What is your goal & the future plan?

 My goal is to become a software developer and also want to work as a travel and fashion blogger side by side.

6. Are you an engineer?

 A engineer I would say no for now because I haven't completed my post graduation yet so yeah m a engineer in making.

bgs raw bikrams vlog fashion blogger, model, fashion show, travel blogger, mountain due
Credit: Gaurav Singh Gaur - Bgs Raw

7. Beside your career, what things do you like and whats makes you bored?

 I love travelling. The mountains are my favourite visit place. I love to ride bike and love music. I go nowhere without my shawn mendes collection. What makes me bore is when I stay alone.

8. Do your family support you for your decisions?

 Yes. I tell my family about my every plans of future and the present as well. They mostly support my decision until and unless that gonna get me in trouble

9. What did you think to become in your childhood?

 Pilot. I have always had a wanderlust. I always wanted to explore more and more. I always wanted to see new things , to visit new places. and looking at those airplane crossing above while i stood at one place hoping it could take me too. I still carry that feeling with me whenever i see an airplane cross by.

10. Apart from your career tell us something else or any incident you like to sharea?

 I have a fresh incident from my last trip when i went from rishikesh to auli. I was on my bike, my girlfriend on back and it got dark and quite late because of the bad road and it was raining heavily. We both were cold and wet and i just couldn't find a place to settle down for the night so had to keep on riding. so you see we almost made it back but still 7 kilometers to go. We soon saw big pieces of mountain tend to fall on road and due to heavy rain i couldn't see a thing in dark but i kept on riding and you wont believe that it took us 2 hours for us to cover those 7 kilometers. it was scary and cold. all our bags were wet and dirty. we luckily made it out from that and found a shelter to rest.

11. How will you recommend Bgs Raw once you get success and become famous?

 I always appreciate all those who have been a support to mu success and i never hesitate to mention each and everyone of them. This is my first interview as a blogger so yea. bgsraw will be with me at every step.

mountian due, fashion blogger hot models in uttar pradesh
Credit: Gaurav Singh Gaur - Bgs Raw

12. When was your first collaboration with a brand?

 I have recently collaborated with few of the brands and the post will be up soon on my feed.

13. Tell one of your favourite travel as well as one fashion blogger?

 Abix, he is the one I look up to. He is a luxury fashion and travel blogger.

14. Can you give any idea to upcoming aspirants about creating an interest in fashion blogger?

 I would wanna say to them to be confident and determine in their individual fields. They got to be original to stand out   in their own style from the rest and to work hard for it.

15. How people can reach you?

 I have active contact details on my instagram account which goes by the name 'thestreetdandy'. Links: Facebook Instagram

Author: Hey Gaurav Singh Gaur, we thank you very much from our The Bgs Raw Social Magazine and there teams. Wish you a good luck for your passion, be positive and work hard and achieve you goal.

👉 Interview by: Bikram Kr Singh a lifestyle blogger and digital entrepreneur. You can chat with me on Instagram Facebook. Also available on other social platform, links in this website itself.

⚠ Disclaimer: All the interviewed material content and questions are truly answered by the respective person in the frame. It may concern or belongs to concerned  and copying any material without permission of the concerned may be penalized for content infringement and have to pay the royalty to the concerned person or to Bgs Raw.

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