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6 Tips How To Start a Vlog & Vlogging On Youtube

6 Tips How To Start a Vlog & Vlogging On Youtube - Bgs Raw 1. Create a youtube chnnel 2. Best vlogging camera 3. Film vlog 4. Video editor 5. Upload you video 6. Promotion
start vlog on youtube how to start vlogging? How to film a vlog video? how to edit vlog video

Hey there, I'm Bikram Kr Singh. And you are reading my exclusive blog post on Bgs Raw.
As I started a new series on the topic How To Start a Vlog & Vlogging on Youtube. And so this is the first post and by this post, you will be introducing to the basic knowledge about vlogging on youtube. As a beginner, all of us confuse on this topic. So let me tell you the basic information on it.

1. Create a youtube channel
The first thing we need to do is to create a youtube channel. So if you already have a youtube channel than its ok. And if you want to know How to start a youtube channel? then you can comment below.

2. Best vlogging camera
The second things we need a good vlogging camera. As we know the quote "The first impression is the last impression.'' So it is basically recommended that you must have a good camera before starting your vlog.

3. Film vlog
The third things we need is to shoot a vlog or to film your video. As we know this is the backbone of your youtube career on vlogging. If you do not shoot it properly it will be like wasting your time on vlogging. So filming is very important. As all of this topics will be covered in details, keep coming back on this website Bgs Raw.

4. Video editor
Now after filming your video its come to our mind to edit the different footages, you have been shoot. So there are other best ideas to edit your vlog videos as many youtuber do. And for doing this you need a good video editor. Video editor or say video editing software is boosting the video very much. So it is also the most required tool to start vlog & vlogging on youtube.

5. Upload your video
The first things we need to do is to upload your video and set a good title and also  I recommend you to write some short trancription in the video dicription. By which people may get an idea of What will be there in your video to watch? Also, you need to apply the best tags suitable for your video.

6. Promotion
And the last step and the sixth things we need to do is to promote your videos. As you are a new blogger, the audience will not know you very well. So it is your duty to promote your videos.

Now that's all done 😄
So if you follow & apply this all steps to your vlog. I'm sure you will definitely be rock yourself and go in the trend. And guys this was only an intro post on How To Start a Vlog & Vlogging On Youtube. After every step there is read more, so click and read the topics in details.
If you have any questions related to this topic you may comment below or contact via the contact tab.
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