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5 Things To Do In Holi Festival - Bgs Raw

Travel: If you want to travel in your holidays and need guide. Visit bgsraw, bgs raw, Bgs Raw to get beneficial travel guide. 5 Things To Do In Holi Festival. How to celebrate Holi? Expectation on Holi festival. Safety while celebrating Holi. 5 places to travel within India in Holi Tourist Attractions.
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When/Where is Holi Celebrated?

Basically Holi is Celebrated on full moon in the month of March each year. Traditional Holi is Celebrated at Mathura - Vrindawan, where Lord Krishna grown. If you want to visit there, take group guide with you, since it seem some rowdy behavior of local peoples there and it will be safety for you all.
And Rajasthan is also very famous destination for foreign tourists and visitors, to celebrate Holi particularly in the places like Pushkar and Jaipur. However Rajasthan is  also a tourist attractions place, it also hold and organized special Holi festival in Jaipur.

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How to celebrate Holi?

Holi is all about festivals of colour smearing powered at each other face's of friends, family and your love ones.
A special kind of drinks is also prepared with the Bhang(It found from cannabis plants). Special Holi is also Celebrated in large cities, towns, Gali, Mohallah, villages everywhere you can see the celebration in the country.

Expectation on Holi festival

Guy if you do not worry of getting wet and ugly or dirty. You will enjoy the fun of Holi. Also you do were old clothes, or buy white dresses called kurta or paijama, in which most of the traditional Indian people Celebrated there Holi. It also recommend you to rubbed oil in your hair, before going to play with colour. Because applying hair oil will not allow the color to absorb into your hair.

Safety while celebrating Holi

While playing with colours people can through rubbed onto you. So be careful with the color, because it can enter into your eye, mouth, ear etc.
During celebration many of them have consumed Bhang. So if you are women than avoid going alone in public. Bhang cause nasha, so guys consume it less, because it can affect your health and also effect mentally too.
If you are out of station then search for any hotels, because this days Many hotels also organised specially for Holi parties for the guest in safe environment.

5 Places To Travel Within India In Holi

Guys if you want to go out and travel or looking for tourist with including holi celebration. You can check out this article. Read more

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