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Guest Post: Write For us

Guest Post: If you are a good writer and you want to write articles on multiple niche as guest post for bgsraw, bgs raw, Bgs Raw. Contact for submitting your guest post. Submit a Guest Post for Bgs Raw Bikrams VlogWrite For Us And Get Paid | Travel Photography Magazine Lifestyle Articles write for us paid. Write An Article For Us And Get Paid. write for us paid, write for us india, write for us magazine, write for us blog, write for us travel, write for us get payment, write for us $0.29, write for us politics
Hey, peoples on Internet I'm very excited to inform you all about our new plan or say idea, we are going to start i.e., to Write For Us  Travel Photography Magazine Lifestyle Articles Guest Post. We are also in need of articles for our blog website Bgs Raw. And we will welcome you to write a post article for us as a guest post and don't worry we will also pay you for that.

What type of article we looking from Guest post?
So guys basically we are looking for the articles on Photoshoot Tips, Basic DIY for Home Decor, Travel, Motivation, Biography, Start-Up Ideas, Your local story must be unique, Article on Holy Places, Historical, Your own Idea and more unique that you have. Such types of articles we are ready to collect from you. If you want to share with us on Bgs Raw website.

What should not be in your article as a guest post?
Guys, it is requested not to copy a single sentence from the Internet, because as you all know google has a very unique algorithm which can easily detect the content is copied or not and also we will use a unique software which can detect the copying content or any content which can violate our page. So be confidential on oneself and submit your own original project only (if it found voilated content we will not even response and the article will never published).

What should be in your article?
We want your article that must be based on the valuable message which may help everyone to get an idea on that particular topic. Eg.; If you are writing an article on the travel, there you should mention what to watch there? where to go? what to eat? how much is the price? how there peoples behave with the new persons visiting? So this is my own idea as I think about that topic travel. And so I hope you'll have a better idea than me. Guys you are requested to submit an image related to your article, which has never uploaded on the internet even not on social media too. You can submit many images but not less than five.

Will, I get backlinks?
Yes, & no, because if you want backlinks we'll charge for it. But do not worry, we'll not ask for a million dollars. We ask for charge/fee, it's our hard work of our team to maintain this website. So we ask to pay a sum or any amount. Let's overview the charge-
1. Charge for 6 backlinks in one post  $5
2. Charge for 3 backlinks in one post $2
3. To display banner in our main page $6 for 6 months
4. To display banner in our main page $10 for 12 months
5. Free 1 backlink with nofollow in one post.

NOTE: Payment can be made through PayPal, we also accept different payment methods for INR. Payment page here
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I hope you understand my article Write Article For Us And Get Paid as Guest Post, and if you have any suggestion, question or any related queries you are welcome to ask that on the comment box below. And that's all thanks 😀
Something new found and explored is written here, I hope you'll love their story

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