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Why Students Fail In Exam And Drop Out From Studies

Why Students Fail In Exam And Drop Out From Studies. How Students Should Study? How Should We Study? What the Parents to do for there children?
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So this is an unique topic to write an article on Why Students Fail In Exam And Drop Out From Studies.
It is really to think and to know about studies, as one of the most important key to be done in the life of students. But as you are grown up and now you are getting the new like students doing suicide, parents have drop out there children from there home. So I'm writing this post for such type of peoples, parents, students, children's etc. i.e., for every human.

So most probably I myself was very curious to know, Why I fail in exams? Why do I not pass the exam? How the other friends pass out? There lots of question arise in my mind but no one to solve it. Teachers will only force you to study study & study no other solution than this. So the students get confused of themselves that 'studying lot but not able to remember the thing' that was the main point. As I know about myself, but time was past and I quit my studies. But there was very big dream to become an software engineer as IITian students. But many of them demotivated that, You are not good in studies and thinking of such very big dream. But this was not the solution I know very well, also there was no other way too. Because I was not familiar to studies or study was not familiar to me, I do not know still. The thing was only I'm not understanding the concepts very well.
Most teachers will tell you to clear your douts each & every time you getting or didn't understand, but practially it does not work as I experience. So, few teachers are anger type or say they are aris(ghamand) of themselves. I do not meant to say for all the teachers but some of do.

When many of the students were doing good as sometimes I compare myself with the most brilliant students too, how this fellow guys or my friends really good in studies. Even though both of us are studying in the same class, same book, same teacher right! This was the question used to arise during that time while I'm students. The thing was only, I was studying but my presence of mind do not work, I or students like me, they can't be concentrate during there class, or they do not have any interest in the things to know. This was create as I grown up only.

How Should We Study?

If you ask this question to me. I think I've a good answer to give you as I tell you anything that's are already been experience by me. So the first thing is for teachers only, I request the teachers to teach there children with good communication and be friendly while in class. Because as a children I was also getting scared of the teachers. And many students do the same, as not that students is afraid of you but they are giving you respect only.

How Students Should Study?

I think as a student, you should maintain your concentration while in class, and try to develop the presence of mind. That is like, if you do not understand anything in the class, do not worry. Many students have the same common problem too. Just after class go and ask to your friend about the lesson, I think you will be clear by them. I'm giving this idea since I was facing the same problem too, while and student.

Many students do not able to remember there question & answer, when I was also a teacher and before I have done lots of research on this, and while I was in Primary School, there I create this idea. All of the students do not have the same IQ level of remembering things, some of them forget as soon as they get to know. So in this case, the students should study after the time to time like. After coming fro school means while study time; you just sit and study till you remember the one or two answer, after that you can go and play or do the things you want, but while playing see you can recall that answer or not.

What the Parents to do for there children?

Most of the parents are not good educated or have no idea of the studies, as the style of study is also changing with the trend itself of today. So many parents force there students to study for long time. I'm asking you what is the use of studying for long hours. They must not force all the time for studies, be timely only if it is not an exam time. As I visited lots of seminar there I learn about smart studying. So, really its work only when we peoples and students understand this concept.

At last I like to tell, Who you may be reading, by this article I want to share my knowledge on this basis. I do not have any intention to de-motivate you. I hope you learn the little idea, which I like to share. If you have any query or question regarding you can comment below this post. Thanks for reading my personal knowledge. Keep smiling 😃
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