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How To Register a Company Bgs Raw & Bgs Cyber Cafe

How Bgs Raw & Bgs Cyber Cafe Created. How to register a company, company registration, online trading etc. Bikrams Vlog is an Youtube channel
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Hey peoples on the Internet, I'm very excited to tell you about my brand name BGS RAW, BGS CYBER CAFE & BCAFE. As you are well shown the title How Bgs Raw & Bgs Cyber Cafe Created. So in the title, I didn't mention about the BCAFE. And BCAFE is also the name of my business.

Like the time when I joined CSC - Common Service Center, where I was asked to name the KIOSK of my own choice, which I don't have any idea to get a business name. So I thought it should take time to decide to give a unique name and I didn't register at that time. As I was already searched on Google about; how to register a company, company registration, online trading, etc. There I got an idea it was right, but I'm in search of something free of cost company registration. It took nearly Six to Seven month to get an idea about free registration of the company.

Six months, again I tried to register for CSC - Common Service Center, and finally, I kept the name Bgs Cyber Cafe. So it was an awesome time for me that I've created my own businesses name and that year it was 2017. But let you know how I got to register a company of my own choice. So it was like when I got an idea about Bgs Cyber Cafe, I searched it on Google and there was nothing in the search result. So I set my mind to get the company name register to a particular organization. And it was MSME - Micro Small & Medium Enterprise Registration Govt. of India. Still, I did not register my other company name Bgs Raw. Since, I'm also a creative person who loves to make and create music, lifestyle travel vlogs, comedy vines on the Internet that is on Youtube. So there I was to create a Youtube channel, and I was not satisfied to keep my own name as a channel name. So I kept the name Bgs Raw. And it was my brand, people who want to know about Bgs Raw are also very happy with the name created. And I didn't register this brand name Bgs Raw on the MSME or any official site, because Google itself protect the name on the Internet and I have deep faith in this organization of the world. And Youtube is that platform for any creators, who have unique ideas to create and brand it and show them on the internet.

Let you know about another name BCAFE, so this name was created incidents like I was also to run my CSC in Assam, so the name Bgs Cyber Cafe was already registered for the state Bihar, so the name was not allowed to use for state Assam, so from Bgs Cyber Cafe I took out the letter "B" and the "Cafe" and together it becomes BCAFE.

So I think you will be curious to know about the name Bgs Cyber Cafe, at the starting I was not sure about the name, and it should also contain a specific value of that particular name i.e., Bgs. So, few of the peoples say that "B" stands for Bikram and "G" is the name of his girlfriend. So, here I want to make your doubt clear. The letter "B" stands for Bikram only but the "G" stands for the group and adding an extra letter "s" the final name comes out is Bgs i.e., is Bikram & Groups. And whatever new business, brands, etc created there I use the first name Bgs, after this first name I keep the name that denotes the particular value of that 'brand'. For example, you have already read the name Bgs Cyber Cafe, here the 'Bgs' is Bikram & Groups and the rest 'Cyber Cafe' denote the value of the business i.e., is of internet.

Since I've only one member in my Bgs team. And I wish if I could extend it to large and all can get there sustainable job with us. I want to make my business at the large network and get connected to each other by entertaining you by our YouTube channel on internet platform i.e., Youtube itself, by selling our merchandise, our products, and services too. We also run a Govt. of India Scheme of Digital India, CSC. There we give services to the peoples at the there doorstep by there needs of financial, internet services, documentation, official needs too, etc

So guys if you would want to know more about me and my brands than you are welcome to get in touch with me by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by email too. All the links are given in the header& footer of this website. So go and follow me there. I would also like to inform you all that you can sign up to our newsletter to get positive vibes, your birthday wishes and lots of latest events notification to your inbox directly, check the tab events ⇱.

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