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5 Tips To Stay Fit & Healthy - Bikrams Vlog

5 Tips To Stay Fit & Healthy, If you are very exicited to know this fitness tips of the day. I'll also tell you about how to stay fit and healthy naturally by this 5 healthy tips.
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Hey, guys, I'm with another topic 5 Tips To Stay Fit & Healthy If you are very excited to know these fitness tips of the day. I'll also tell you about how to stay fit and healthy naturally by these 5 healthy tips. So guys here I'm giving all the that all are being learned during my YOGA practice.

The Five Tips to Stay Fit are:
  1. Yoga Practise
  2. Take Meals in Time
  3. Stay Happy
  4. Have Good Sleep
  5. Stay Fresh
This is the basic fitness tips to stay healthy without any other lengthy healthy tips, which are been searched over on the internet. I myself have already faced the unhealthy and bad time of my life. But now self-created some rules and the healthy tips, which are being followed and now I'm quite fit. So I thought it should be shared on my blog which can help a few peoples on the internet. And I'll always try to share and update you al with my personal tips so that you can stay healthy & fit and live to smile. And now lets us know it in details about Fitness tips and to stay healthy:

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1. Yoga Practise:
So guys if you are in search of how to be healthy, then I'll give my best suggestion is to practice yoga daily. You should do the YOGA aashana(steps) for almost one hour daily, and the right time to practice yoga while in the morning. Because in the morning no such disturbance occurs; as I'm from India and I don't know for your country. So if you can't manage while in the morning then it's ok to do at night. There are lost of aashana(steps) in YOGA. You can choose any of aashanas. I'll give you five aashana(steps) you can repeat on a daliy basis. It has also been proved that doing exercise of yoga make you look young even though you are aged.

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2. Take Meals in Time:
Taking meals is one of the most important things to do in all the living lives. So you must take meals on time. Because if you don't take your food in the time it can disturb your digestive system. Which is the most hateful disease, which cannot be cure soon if you suffer from this problem? I'm telling you because I've already suffered from this problem and took a long time to cure, but now I'm well and alright. So the main benefit of taking meals in time will keep your digestive strong. And if your digestive is strong then you are not going to face any disease, which helps you to stay fit & healthy.

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3. Stay Happy:
So staying happy is one of the most valuable points to keep in mind. Today I've seen most of the buddies are staying alone by any heartfelt, hurt by anyone, breakup and lots of such unwanted time occur in one's life. So be always happy and don't try to stay alone or lonely. Even you are forcing yourself to stay emotional, just try to come out of it. I know it'll be tough but this is the things you need to overcome of. There are lot of thing and ideas to happy such as; watch any comedy show, go out for fun with friends, spend time with pets. This can make you happy and forget about your emotions.

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4. Have Good Sleep:
We all know if you don't take rest as it required for your body, it will make you uncomfortable for the whole day. And therefore we get a headache during our works. So sleeping is also plays an important role to stay fit & healthy. Many peoples sleep while in the day time, and if you go for sleep at night, you don't feel of sleeping. This can also disturb your health too. So best time to take good sleep in the night only and sleep for six to eight hours.

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5. Stay Fresh & be fashion:
In this modern age of living standard, all lives in fashion and its also make us live in the same way. Be look fresh by washing your body daily, do your exertions, wash the face, were clean clothes. While wearing or choosing the clothes for you, choose as fits your look. And if your look makes dull in front of anyone and if you are not satisfied with the outfit you are wearing will also make yourself uncomfortable to stay in the works and in some important meetings. Be ready with your outfits as required on the particular time. Such as, if you are at home don't were the dress that to be ready for office and same during your office too.

So I hope you may follow this 5 Tips To Stay Fit & Healthy by Bikrams Vlog and keep smiling alway. And if you can share this on your social handle it would very thank full to you to share my hard work in writing this blog. Thank you so much 😃
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